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Radio songs that come from the Pip-Boy sound like they're coming from a radio, rather than a modern MP3 player.

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Q: What does this mod do?
A: This mod makes it so that music played from the Pip-Boy doesn't sound like it's coming from a modern MP3 player, but instead, an in-game radio.

How is this not like a similar mod, Authentic Pre-War Radio Replacer?
A: Immersive Pip-Boy Radio functions solely through an .esp file, while Authentic Pre-War Radio Replacer functions by replacing the raw .wav (or .xwm) files with pre-edited worn versions.

Through this .esp file, this allows for 2 unique features:

-This effect is compatible with custom music. No need to run your song through some filter effects to immerse yourself, this will do it for you! The effect now applied to music with this mod is the same one used to filter voices on holotapes, or on the radio, such as Travis.

-Reverb! Since the effect used is the same one applied to voice, the game interprets it as such, and when standing in a large room, you'll get a nice reverb effect like you would on voices, but instead on music, so it's as if the music is actually coming off of you and not just playing in the game like it sounded before. Highly recommended in tandem with Reverb and Ambience Overhaul.

This effect can also be easily modified if it's not noticeable enough, but I personally can hear a difference between what The Wanderer sounded like before, and what it sounds like now with this mod, along with other strangely high-quality songs. Songs that were already mostly worn, such as Maybe by the Ink Spots, will sound the same if not slightly better with this mod, since they've now been given reverb capabilities.