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A preset for looksmenu.
Inspired by Erza from Fairy Tail. Derived from my Yan - Looksmenu Preset.

Permissions and credits
A custom looksmenu preset I made for you guys to use and enjoy. This is Scarlet, a preset heavily inspired by Erza from Fairy Tail.
I made this for a friend, now it is uploaded here on the nexus for you guys to enjoy.
Derived from my Yan - Looksmenu Preset.

ENDORSE if you like my work, it would be much appreciated!

Unzip file with your preferred archive tool. (7zip, winrar, etc.)
Place the file in the looksmenu preset folder. (Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\Presets)
Launch Fallout4 through F4SE, choose this preset by pressing 'R' during character customization.

Looksmenu by expired6978
Misc Hairstyles 1.6 by Atherisz
Oni cute asian face parts by OniNigma
Oni face retexture by OniNigma

Thick - Sage - CBBE Bodyslide Preset Variation by Sicnify & Balgenrit 
Oni CBBE nude curvy wet retexture by OniNIgma
True Eyes - Fallout 4 Edition by jimtownirish
Immersive Mouth and Teeth by ClearanceClarence

Mods in Screenshots
Courser X-92 Power Suit CBBE by nsk13
Sexy Transparent Zipsuit by nakrulz
Deathclaw Hunter Armor CBBE by AbeLincoln55
Black Rose (CBBE Bodyslide) by mbw1
Bunnygirl Outfit - CBBE by nadriel
Spears - Standalone by Billyro
Plasma Swords by TrickyVein
Katana Tsuki No Hana by sankojin

Mod Tools used
Unequip Pipboy by 7StarC
Photo Light by pcsafricanus
Dave's Poses by davethedrunk