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Slight modifications to the Cambridge Police Station to make it better. Adds water sources, kitchens, links all the work stations, and opens up part of the second floor to reveal a small living quarters with safe player storage.

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After some soul searching and consideration, I have decided to stop modding and playing Bethesda games for the foreseeable future. Other people can do as they see fit. This is my own decision. My mods are all now officially community resources. Do with them as you want.

This mod does some work to make Cambridge Police Station a viable base of operations for players siding with the BOS from the start and who are playing on Survival difficulty. 


  • Linked all work station containers
  • Added working sinks and cooking stations
  • Swapped out the dilapidated beds with clean bunks and hospital beds. (The BOS can equip their personnel with Power Armor. I'm sure they can find clean sheets.)
  • Opened the second floor partially to reveal a small living quarters with safe "storage" containers and an area for some work stations

Initially, there will only be an irradiated sink in the first floor bathroom and a ground-pot cooking station near the sleeping bags. The sink starts giving clean water once the Prydwen arrives. This is to simulate the BOS fixing the water sources and plumbing. The ground pot cooking station will be removed as well when the Prydwen arrives, and a small kitchen area will appear by the phone booths. One of the sleeping bags was swapped out for a small mattress so that there is a decent bed to sleep on. 

The living quarters upstairs will be blocked off until the Prydwen arrives, and there will be no work stations other than the power armor station outside in the garage. But the power armor station and the cook station will be linked right away. Anything marked in the living quarters with "storage" should be safe to store your items. E.G. "Locker Storage", "Trunk Storage" etc. Also, the quarters are not navmeshed. This is because it's an extremely small space, and NPCs going in and out of there would drive you crazy. 

Much of the cell was left untouched to avoid conflicts with the vanilla quests and to retain the vanilla aesthetic. The outside is completely untouched except for the workstations' properties so that they will be linked. While I wanted to make changes to the exterior, the Precombined Geometry issues in Fallout 4 discouraged me from doing so. Inevitably, altering the exterior would create conflicts with other mods that altered anywhere nearby, and performance issues would arise.  

There are zero scripts added by this mod. Everything piggy backs off the vanilla quest markers and enable parents.


This is basically a Nexus Resource. If you want to merge this with a bigger mod, build off it, or use some of the few assets within it, go right ahead. Just message me and tell me what you're doing.