Fallout 4
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d3d11.dll which loads DLL mods into Fallout4.exe

Permissions and credits
This is a loader required for my DLL mods.


Unpack and place d3d11.dll in the game's directory (same directory as Fallout4.exe).

If you already have d3d11.dll from ENB installed:

  • Create the directory "NativeMods" under your Fallout 4 game directory
  • Inside the "NativeMods" directory, create a directory called "ENB"
  • Move ENB's d3d11.dll the "ENB" directory under "NativeMods"
  • Rename ENB's d3d11.dll to "ENB.dll"
  • Install this mod as above


By itself, this mod adds nothing to the game, and is only a requirement for certain other mods (see below).

Mode of operation

What this mod does exactly:

when the game starts and this DLL loads, this mod will load installed native DLL mods. Native mods are loaded as follows:

For every subdirectory X under the "NativeMods" directory, the game will attempt to load NativeMods/X/X.dll. Errors are silently ignored. If X.dll exports a d3d11.dll function the game uses (currently just D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChainProxy), it will be called instead of the system DirectX function.

List of mods which require this loader

If you created a DLL mod that can be used with this loader, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.


v0.1 (2015-11-21):
  • Split off as separate mod (previously this was part of the Pip-Boy App Local Map Fix mod).
  • Link against msvcrt.dll to remove dependency to msvcr110.dll
  • Switch to proxying d3d11.dll instead of dxgi.dll, to avoid conflict with shader mods

v0.2 (2015-11-21):
  • Added chain-loading (API forwarding) for ENB compatibility

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