Fallout 4
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A clothing mod that comes with custom holster, animation and "Katana" sword ...

Permissions and credits
Full Leather Bodysuit

  • Leather bodysuit with numerous mods
  • CBBE Curvy and Zero Curvy shapes
  • Modified gas mask with anti-radiation and anti-disease mods
  • Custom gun holster with custom weapon drawing and sheathing animation.
  • A katana designed from scratch with unique modification and weapon drawing and sheathing animation. It comes with holster.
  • A veil with mysterious power.

  • Added Astrid
  • Zurie, a mysterious katana from foreign land. 
  • Holster as layered right leg armor and thus always visible when switching to other weapon.

Selene Drawing:

Selene Sheathing:

[NOTE]: This is my own version of holster and trying out of scripting etc. The holster takes the right left armor laying slot. It cannot be equipped or unequipped directly but tied down to "Selene". To unequip, just unequip the gun.

Selene can only be equipped by female player even though you can pass it to male/female follower. The reason is due to the custom animations that I have only created for female. Only female player has the custom holster and custom drawing, sheathing animations.

Selene seems OP but it has mod to alter the damage (increase/decrease dmg), range, accuracy and ammunition.

The custom holster scale pretty okay with this outfit and default body. If you use it on other outfit, there may be clipping so you probably have to fix it yourself.

[INFO]: Created for my own role playing. 

Three versions:
  1. Callidora - 1000 resistance to damage, radiation, electric, fire, cryo, etc. Had the radiaion resistance like hazmat suit. Special abilities like sprinting and swmming cost 0 AP and 0 fall damge.
  2. Full Leather Bodysuit - Just 10 damage resist. 
  3. Full Leather Bodysuit (Nuka Boots) - Heeled Boots from Nuka World.

They can be ballistic waive with 3 added legendary mods. Chameleon effect, All Stats + 1 and 5x damage increase for all weapons (maybe OP).  4 additional misc mod which includes vaultsuit mod, misc mod for arm, leg and torso. An additional 'Very Deep Pocketed' that adds 100 to carrying weight. 

All are outfits occupying minimum slot (just body).

Where ?   Callidora and Full leather Bodysuit (can be crafted at chem too) are located in the deserted armor vehicle near Sanctuary. The vehicle is along the river with a few radiation barrels. Nuka Boots version is crafted from chem station.

Girly Animation - For the female movement and weapon animations.
        Load this mod after 'Girly Animation'.

Using NMM or manually unzip and copy to respective locations.

Matching Coat.

[CREDIT]:  Big thanks to:
         Jeir - For the usage of CBBE shape.