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Looks great during the day, but best at night.

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Looks great during the day, but best at night. 

-- For more impressions check out the video --

Player Home

I am so tired of building settlements at the moment and as I was exploring I saw this nice location and decided I would make a Raider themed Player Home to live there instead. 

Its a little bit fancier than the Bethesda Raider Homes. 

I tried to keep the decoration and furniture of the three different Raider groups as equally distributed as possible. 

It could be my ENB but the light is a bit over the top at night, but I love it. 

Some objects in the shelves (especially in the kitchen area and the armory) are not static, so keep that in mind if you run into it or help yourself. 

I added a Diamond City Radio, because I doesn't suck as much as the Raider one does.

Your fps will suffer. At least my do.


So I added a Settlement Version for you to customize this home and that's just it. You can't send companions there or assign it to a raider gang, simply because I don't know how to do that. If someone does know how to do it, please tell me or if you want to, you can do it yourself.

The border was a pain in the ass to place, but I added a screenshot where you can look at the size of it, you can even build on the highway above. 

Some objects can't be scrapped, so you have to disable them via console.

If you have any complaints, comments, questions or suggestions just post them.

Feel free to add videos and pictures.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Thanks for downloading and don't forget to endorse :) 


It is located outside of Bradberton right behind the Red Rocket Station in Nuka World, I added a Mapmarker and allowed fast travel.


Nuka World DLC (obviously)


Download with Nexus Mod Manager and install, or download manually and put into your Fallout 4 Data folder.