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SenyaTirall's WW2 German Uniforms mod, but with the texture replacers made standalone and craftable. Comes in fall/spring camo, field grey/green and classic black, with censored options and some alternate designs. Optional AE/AWKCR support.

Permissions and credits
WW2 German Uniforms Standalone
Uses textures from SenyaTirall's WW2 German Uniforms mod, but items are now standalone. No more Nazi Gunners.
Also (optionally) adds Armorsmith Extended/AWKCR support.

Please ask any questions about new/fixed textures on the original mod page. All I did was use FO4Edit and Content-Aware Fill.
Also, not a Nazi, but Hugo Boss did some damn fine work.

Nexus Mod Manager
Download this mod with NMM and go through the FOMOD installer.
If you want to use the censored tunics and helmets, specify the "Runeless" texture type.
As well, if you want Armorsmith Extended/AWKCR support, specify the "Compat" option.

Copy ww2german - Main.ba2, ONE of the ww2german - Textures.ba2 files and ww2german.esp to your Fallout 4 Data folder.
ww2german.esp is the base mod itself, ww2german_opt.esp is an additional override file (i.e. copy both ESPs) to integrate Armorsmith Extended/AWKCR.
If you want to use the censored tunics and helmets, copy ww2german - Textures (Runeless).ba2, and make sure to rename it to ww2german - Textures.ba2 in your Data folder.

Obtaining Items
They're craftable: at the Chemistry Station without the optional plugin, or at the Armorsmith Workshop with the optional plugin.
They're also added to the vendor inventory list (with a script, so no overwrite issues), so shop around.
Or use the item IDs below.

Item List
Note: replace XX with mod load order ID (check your mod manager)

XX008400 - SS Uniform (Fall camo)
XX008401 - SS Helmet (Fall camo)
XX008402 - SS Uniform (Fall camo, alternate)
XX008403 - SS Helmet (Fall camo, alternate)
XX008500 - SS Uniform (Spring camo)
XX008501 - SS Helmet (Spring camo)
XX008600 - SS Uniform (Feldgrun)
XX008601 - SS Cap (Feldgrun)
XX008700 - SS Uniform (Feldgrau)
XX008701 - SS Cap (Feldgrau)
XX008702 - SS Uniform (Feldgrau, alternate)
XX008800 - SS Uniform (Black)
XX008801 - SS Helmet (Black)
XX008802 - SS Cap (Black)
XX008803 - SS Uniform (Black, alternate)

Alternate Fall/Feldgrau/Black Uniforms and the regular Black Uniform and Helmet have originally censored textures available.
The others have dirtily Photoshopped censored textures by yours truly.

The main mod is completely standalone, it doesn't need any other mods or DLC.
ww2german_opt.esp requires AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended.

Original textures: SenyaTirall
Plugin, some runeless edits: gendoikari1

-Added uniforms to vendor inventory lists
-Enable uniform equip for Nick Valentine (AWKCR/AE plugin)
-Enable cap equip for Super Mutants, Gen 2 Synths and Nick Valentine (AWKCR/AE plugin)
-Enable helmet equip for Super Mutants and Nick Valentine (AWKCR/AE plugin)

-Added clothing attributes mods, which can be disabled/enabled at any armor workbench
-Textures and materials now BA2 packed (separate BA2s for runeless and default)
-All items now have runeless options

-Fixed Fall Helmet recipe producing Spring Helmet
-Fixed crafting without Armorsmith Extended (chemistry station)
-Added alternate Black/Feldgrau/Fall Uniforms and Fall Helmet (from German Uniforms v2.1, with runeless option)

-Initial release