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About this mod

Provides a seamless and lore friendly alternative to the hacking mini-game while shifting focus away from player skill towards character skill and items.

Permissions and credits

New in version 1.11:

  • Terminals can now be hacked and accessed from long range.
  • Terminals accessed both locally and remotely now has access to scripted controls for Turrets, Protectrons, doors, etc..
  • Note that workshop terminals and their controls are not currently NOT supported (uses different native scripts).
  • See changelog for more details.

    Long description:

    The primary aim for this mod is simply to allow for hacking without the need for the hacking mini-game in a believable and non-cheating way.
    After installing the mod and entering the game your character is given the Vault-Tec Injector holotape, this holotape can be used for configuring mod settings as well as creating "Hacking modules", which will be explained later.

    Initiating an attack:
    Terminals now has a secondary activation option, "Remote Hack" prompting you to plug your Pip-Boy into the terminal.
    If the terminal you plug into is locked you may choose the "Password Cracker" option to initiate an attack in order to unlock it.
    Harder terminals require more advanced forms of attacks in order to unlock them. If you prompted that no attack vector is found you do not have a strong enough attack to crack the password.

    Initiating an long range attack:
    Whenever the Long Range Hacking option is enabled an consumable item will be in your AID tab that activates the Long Range interface.
    You can add the consumable item to your favorites to access the interface directly without opening the Pip-Boy first.
    When the interface is open you can hack and access the 5 closes terminals closest to you that are within the active range of the ability (configurable from the settings of the Vault-Tec Injector holotape).

    Acquiring more advanced attacks:
    Advanced attacks come in the form of hacking modules. Hacking modules can be created using the Vault-Tec Injector holotape.
    Some remnant Pre-War modules can sometimes be sold by general store vendors.

    The tiers of hacking modules are as follows:

    • Rootkit - Can unlock any terminal - Requires Hacker 3 to create.
    • Advanced Dictionary Attack - Can unlock Expert terminals or easier - Requires Hacker 2 to create.
    • Dictionary Attack - Can unlock Advanced terminals or easier - Requires Hacker 1 to create.
    • Brute Force Attack - Can only unlock Novice terminals - Comes pre-installed.

    Accessing unlocked terminals:
    Terminals that have been hacker or are already unlocked can now be emulated on your Pip-Boy - even while in power armor, by using the "Remote Boot" option when accessing an terminal, both locally and remotely.

    As of version 1.0 this feature is not complete.
    As a result scripted options such as controlling turrets, protectrons, doors, etc are currently not available.
    This is because native script in their current state can not be run on terminals being displayed in the Pip-Boy.

    As of version 1.11 many common scripted options have been accommodated for and should be functional.

    Other gameplay changes:

    • Terminals can now always be hacked using your Pip-Boy both Locally or Remotely while being inside power armor.
    • Unlocked terminals can now always be accessed without exiting power armor using the Remote Boot feature, both locally and remotely. (Please note that due to scripting limitations some custom scripted options will most likely fail to execute properly, however common scripted options have been accommodated for).

    Other Features:

    • Scripted mod with no mod dependencies and no original FO4.esm or DLC.esm records overwritten.
    • Compatible with mods changing the the vanilla hacking mini-game.
    • Separate cheat mode available that allows for hacking any terminal, even those locked with a key, without any perks or modules.
    • Support for Valdacil's Item Sorting as optional download.

    FAQ and Help:

    Load Order:
    Because this mod changes no vanilla records and has no dependencies it can be placed at any point in your load order.
    If you use the optional item sorting extension, make sure that the item sorting extension is loaded after the main plugin
    for item sorting to take effect.

    Q: I've lost the Vault-Tec injector holotape, where can i find a new one?
    A: Save and re-load your game and a new holotape will be given to you.

    Q: I can't find any hacking modules for sale, what gives?
    A: Only general store vendors has a change to sell the Pre-War hacking modules, with the more advanced module being quite rare.

    Q: I don't want to rely on perks or modules to unlock terminals, can this mod just magically open them for me?
    A: Activating the cheat mode will allow you to unlock any terminal without needing any perks or modules.

    Q: I want to make an suggestion or report a bug, what can i do?
    A: Post your suggestion or report on the Remote Hacking nexusmods page. Please put new suggestions as a forum post.

    Providing a comprehensive guide to installing mods is not within the scope of the Remote Hacking mod.
    Please refer to the many guides on the internet for general modding questions.