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Tired of accidentally hitting friendlies with your melee swings? This plugin disables the "Hit all targets in front of you" ability granted by rank 4 of the Big Leagues perk.

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Being able to hit multiple targets with melee attacks sounds great in theory but since taking it on my melee character, I've found it to be more of a liability than anything due to the friendly fire risk it creates. Simply put, it's a pain to use melee if there are any friendly NPCs around because there will be accidents.

I've incapacitated my companions more times than I can count, often with hits that didn't physically connect - such as when my companion was behind my actual target. I usually fight in first person and actually aim my melee attacks (so as to target specific body parts), but with the sweep attack there's just no way to know what your melee attack will hit. Pretty much anything on-screen is fair game. In my opinion, the friendly fire con outweighs the crowd control pro. If I want crowd control I'll use the Ripper. :P


Disabled the sweep attack on Big Leagues rank 4 and amended description accordingly. This change is retroactive, so it does take effect even if you've already taken the perk, no console commands necessary.


1. Extract the .esp file in the archive to the Data folder in your Fallout 4 main directory.
2. Activate the .esp with the mod manager of your choice.


This mod changes only one record, Perk BigLeagues04. The likelihood of harmful conflicts is low.


v1.0 - Initial release.

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