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Traveling Merchant Lucas gets a look and gear befitting his gruff armor selling survivor and traveler of the Commonwealth. His two caravan guards are greatly enhanced as well and now stand apart from the other guards of other merchants.

Permissions and credits
This mod is done & will no longer be supported.  

Permissions:  If you contact the contributing mod authors 
for permissions you may re-use anything 
in this mod as you wish.

Short Description

Lucas Miller, traveling merchant, and his two caravan guards are no longer Under-Equipped Raider-Bait.  All three are now decked out in better armor and have slightly tweaked stats including weapons.  Lucas' appearance befits a gruff (possible ex-soldier) and matches his mannerisms and his dialogue.  Lucas' guards are tailored for his caravan and will not blend in with the bland and boring other guards.


I have been inspired by the many mods that seek to enhance the appearance of companions and named NPCs.  But most focus on the face/head and stop short of their outfit & gear.  I wanted to alter the complete look of named NPCs and decided to start with the four traveling merchants (Cricket, Lucas, Weathers, and Carla).  With a little research I discovered that the pair of caravan guards for 3 of the 4 merchants were actually unique.  So I decided that I would create a mod for each merchant and their guards, plus Carla (where are her guards?, maybe I'll give her some).  And I wanted the cosmetics to trump Level-Lists or the ultra-bland low level gear.  This may cause game balance issues if you tend to kill all the traveling merchants.

This is the 2nd mod in my Merchant & Guards series.  For the 1st mod go HERE...

This mod alters the appearance of the traveling merchant Lucas Miller and both his caravan guards.  In addition to face, it also outfits them in new gear to make this trio of merchants stand apart from the others and puts my interpretation of Lucas at the forefront both in his look but also how his guards match his "style".  Small tweaks were also done to enhance the guards stats including slightly better Weapon LL and giving each a name.  Last (I think), I tweaked some Animation settings & Archetypes to have all three just a touch more distant from Vanilla.  

Very Important... The items for sale have not been altered!

Required (See sub-section below for Alternate versions with fewer requirements)

Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar -


Armorsmith Extended -


All Camo Uniforms (v1.2 or v1.21, either should work) -

Fortaleza -
  • Need -->  Main, Mk1 through Mk6, Wetsuits, plus... Bodyslide, Merge Patch, and AE Patch.
  • You'll only have to keep Merge Patch and AE Patch plugins active.

Nano Armor 2.1 -
  • Need --> Main and "CBBE Files for version 2.1" by Firuu.
  • Please Note that you may need to install the CBBE Files patch manually as the zip archive path may not match your Bodyslide path. 
  • Screenshots are shown with Josie Body for CBBE (Slimmer Version).

Alternate Versions

Alternate (No Helms)

The alternate version simply removes the helms from each of the three NPCs.  

Alternate (Vanilla-Almost aka Lite)

This alternate version removes many of the bigger Requirements.  It keeps AWKCR, All Camo Uniforms, and Ponytail Hairstyles.  It equips the NPCs in mix of combat armor, fatigues (different camos for each), army helmets, and vault suit.  A single group shot with all 3 NPCs standing in differing camo but wearing combat armor has been added to the image gallery.

Alternate (Vanilla)

This alternate version removes all non-vanilla assets.  It equips the NPCs in mix of combat armor, fatigues, and vault suit.  A few images have been added to the gallery to show this version.


Bodyslide & Outfit Studio -

This great mod reworks a large list of named NPCs in a fashion I describe as "Vanilla Enhanced".  I'm using it personally as the core overhaul 
for my NPC appearances with the exception of certain specific NPCs such as Cricket (in this mod). 

If you are using FOFW ReDUX and my mod, simply put my mod after FOFW ReDUX in your load order.  My mod will ONLY overwrite
Cricket and leave the other enhanced NPCs intact.


Use NMM.  Or download manually and copy esp into data folder.


If you install into a current game you may need to "reset" an NPC to make sure the appearance and gear is displayed.  A way to do this is the following:
  • open console
  • click on NPC to get ID
  • ID.disable
  • ID.enable
  • ID.moveto player
  • exit console

  • Develop one mod each for the other three traveling merchants and their guards.  Perhaps adding guards to Carla as well.

Shameless Cross/Self Promotion aka My Other Mods

Lucky Crickets Caravan

Trashcan Carlas Caravan

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Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Notes

DWT Cricket and Guards -

DWT Pack Brahmin Alternate -

Thanks & Credits & Permissions

Vlaka for Big Boss - Venom Snake
Permission to re-use Face Morph for my Merchant & Guards mods (Lucas Miller).

Nightseer88 for Badass Companions
Permission to re-use Face Morph for my Merchant & Guards mods (Caravan Guard - Male).

Aedh for Caelan and Roy 
Permission to re-use Face Morph for my Merchant & Guards mods (Caravan Guard - Female).

cdante for All Camo Uniforms
Permission to use their mod as a master to my mod.

ralfetas for Fortaleza
Permission to use their mod as a master to my mod.

vasstek for Nano Armor 2.1
Permission to use their mod as a master to my mod.

Tools Used

Face Ripper