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The Mobile Mechanic adds a craftable, portable workbench, which allows you to do any kind of crafting anywhere, including the ability to scrap junk into its core components, and even a mobile Power Armor Station!

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The Mobile Mechanic is now available for XBOX ONE on Bethesda.net!

- This is the sibling to Compact Crafting which adds compact crafting stations to the Workshop!  Go check it out! -

After spending way too many hours in the game, and leveling way up, the experience of hiking halfway across the map to a settlement just to put a silencer onto a gun, or lugging around a bunch of Desk Fans and Giddy Up Buttercup Legs just to scrap some screws out of them starts to lose its charm, especially in survival mode where carryweight is at a premium, and fast travel is disabled.

The Mobile Mechanic adds a craftable, portable workbench, with new meshes and textures, which allows you to do any kind of crafting, anywhere you want, including the ability to scrap junk into its core components, so you don’t have to lug around a bunch of heavy junk.  It also includes a portable Power Armor bench!  The sole survivor can craft mechanical turrets and all sorts of other high tech stuff, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe they can use a screwdriver!

This is all balanced by way of the fact that the player can only craft things using resources or mods in their inventory, and that the bench itself and the additionally required crafting kits all have some weight to them, forcing you to be conscious of using up all your carry weight.

As a bonus I’ve included some updated Welding Goggles and a Welding Mask, which were accessories on some vanilla outfits, but are now actually wearable on their own.  ~ IMMERSION LEVELS INTENSIFY ~

A Diagnostic Cart retexture is included from FlaconOil’s HD ReTexture Project! Thank you, FlaconOil.

This video showcase will tell you most of what you need to know (but read the description too!)

• Install the main file.  There are no requirements. There should be no conflicts, as everything is standalone.
• Download the optional performance textures if you wish, and overwrite the textures.ba2 when prompted
• All of the clutter on the benches will use whatever texture replacers (or vanilla textures) you have installed.  Only the table/bench body has new textures (and the Diagnostic Bench.)

This is still considered beta.  It doesn't do anything dangerous or weird whatsoever to saves, but some users are having some unexpected behavior with certain functions due to script lag, i.e. junk scrapping.  I'm re-architecting the code to account for this.  This isn't a personal attack on your rig specs or anything, loading lots of mods and running scripts in a low-fps area can be factors.  If you don't experience these issues, you're good to go.  Thank you for being patient!  It works fine for most people, and the technical reason is simply a Papyrus thread race condition that can happen.


• At the Chem Station under UTILITY you will see PORTABLE WORKBENCH. This is the base item, and is required to do any kind of crafting.  Craft it!
• You will also see various Portable Workbench Kits. Each one of these kits is required to be in your inventory in order to perform the respective type of crafting. For example, if I want to craft chems and do mobile scrapping, I’ll need to craft the Chemistry Kit and the Scrap Kit and keep them with me along with the bench.
• Each kit requires the first perk in the respective tree, i.e. Gun Nut 1, Armorer 1, as well as the first rank of the Scrapper Perk
• To activate the Portable Workbench, you simply find it under the MISC tab, and DROP IT from your inventory. The bench will set itself up in front of the player and will be ready to use.
• Activating the bench will show you crafting options based on the Crafting Kits you have in your inventory.  It will also show you the option to pick up.
• Each kit weighs 4lbs so pay attention to how much weight you’re adding!


• The scrap station will only scrap junk; guns and armor have to be scrapped in the respective workbench modes, like normal
• Make sure you have the Scrap Kit in your inventory along with the standard Portable Workbench
• Drop the Portable Workbench from your inventory to set it up, activate it, and select SCRAP STATION
• You will be asked to SCRAP ALL (AUTO) or SCRAP SELECTED.
• SCRAP ALL will take all junk from your inventory, scrap it, and return you the components. Be careful because you might not want to scrap everything!
• SCRAP SELECTED will pop open a container, allowing you to place only the items you want to scrap. Closing this container will pop up a confirmation to scrap the items, or abort and return them.
• Anything that isn’t junk will be returned to the player
• You’ll hear clanking and wrenching as the junk is dissasembled, and it will take a couple of seconds. During this time the bench cannot be activated as a safeguard.
• This has been tested using every junk item in the game at once, and 5,000lbs of various scrap, and has not had any problems, but please let me know if you experience anything


Because the Power Armor stations behave completely different than normal benches, these had to be separate items. The bonus is that they have their own unique station mesh! Textures for the Diagnostic Cart are by FlaconOil from his HD Retexture Project, who allowed me to include it here.  This sucker weighs 15lbs so make sure you've got a nice backpack.

• At the Chem Station under UTILITY you will see PORTABLE POWER ARMOR STATION. Craft this to receive the MISC item in your inventory.
• You will need rank 1 of the Armorer perk, and rank 1 of the Scrapper perk in order to craft this station.
• To activate the Portable Power Armor Station, simply find it under the MISC tab, and DROP IT from your inventory. The bench will set itself up in front of the player, ready for use.
• To pick it up, hover over it, and beside the standard USE and TRANSFER options you will see PICK UP (spacebar on PC)
• Upon activation, your Power Armor will snap into place on the mat. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH SPACE AROUND THE STATION OR THE ANIMATION WILL NOT TRIGGER! It’s best to set up in the middle of a room. If you have trouble just pick up the station and drop it again further away from any walls or obstacles.
• Any items stored in the Power Armor Station will be returned to the player inventory upon picking it up.

• Because the items appear when dropped from your inventory, an alternate way to store them is to drop them in a container
• The animations sometimes don’t line up perfectly because they were made for the big benches, but that’s blurred in the background while crafting anyway.
• The Diagnostic Cart retexture is from FlaconOil’s wonderful HD ReTexture Project! Thanks to him for letting me include it here. Go get it!
• Tools used: Blender, Outfit Studio, NifSkope, Adobe Photoshop, Intel Textureworks plug-in, NVidia DDS plug-in, Creation Kit, FO4Edit.
• The scrapping portion of this was inspired by Scavver's Toolbox by graymaybe - definitely check that out if you just want a simple scrap box!