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Buffs the minigun's damage and adds armor penetration.

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This is a small tweak to the minigun. By giving it 40 points of armor penetration and boosting the damage multipliers of the accelerated barrel and tri-barrel, the weapon is now significantly more powerful and no longer reliant on the explosive or wounding legendary modifiers.

I've always wondered why the vertibird-mounted minigun was significantly more powerful than the ones you can obtain in the wasteland. This mod makes their damage equal. NPCs or enemies you come across who happen to be wielding this weapon are now more dangerous. You will find yourself running for cover more often when faced against this monster. No longer is it destined to be scrapped.

Now Requires AWKCR

Update 2.0b Summary of changes:
  1. Minigun base damage increased from 8 to 12.
  2. Adds 40 points of armor penetration to the Standard and Accelerated Barrels, and 80 points to the Tri Barrel.
  3. The Accelerated Barrel rate of fire bonus increased to 60% from 15%.
  4. Increases the damage added by the tri barrel to 100%.
  5. Buffs the base damage of the npc-only vertibird minigun to 12.