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Completes the quest "Home Sweet Home" by just talking to Shank.

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Nuka World - Skip raiding your own settlements

I find it quite frustrating to raid my own settlements just to complete the Nuka World main quest line, so i made this little plugin that lets you skip the quest "Home Sweet Home" by just talking to Shank. The quest will start the normal way, but when you talk to Shank for the first time and tell him in the second dialogue that you don't want to hurt people, he will respond that thats no fun, the quest will be completed immediately and "Power Play" will start. If you have an achievements mod enabled, you will also get the achievement for quest completion.

Also adds the 4 raider recipes, removes the Wasteland Warlord building restrictions and lets you do the raids after "Power Play" if you like, just talk to Shank. I've added these things so that you won't miss anything you'd normally get when completing "Home Sweet Home". If you remove the mod after completing the quest, all these additions will be lost, so it's better to keep the esp active.

Preston and the Minutemen will not get angry with you if you use this mod to skip "Home Sweet Home".

If you are planning to NOT skip Home Sweet Home in a playthrough, don't forget to remove this mod from your load order. There are no scripts so it should be safe to remove it mid-playthrough.

Just replace the old file if you are updating.

If Shank still refuses to talk to you, open console and type SetStage DLC04RaidSelectQuest 1 

Although I haven't encountered it myself, there seems to be a bug causing Power Play not to start. This is a vanilla bug and has nothing to do with my mod. The solution is rather simple, just dismiss your companion(s) before talking to Shank.

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