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This mod stops exit saves from being done by the game.

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When Bethesda added the exit save feature, they "forgot" to add a setting to remove them. They provided, though, an .ini setting to avoid exit saves from being done when quitting to main menu (bSaveGameOnQuitToMainMenu), but they didn't provide a way to stop exit saves from being done when quitting to desktop.

This mod aims to fix that. With this mod installed, exit saves won't be made at all (you can still load previously made exit games, though).

Q: Can this mod be broken by a game update?
A: Yes, it can. The mod uses a pattern recognizition for the two patches it makes, to avoid/delay that possibility. However, if Bethesda changes any of the two functions being patched, or if they just have the "happy idea" of recompiling the game with different compiler options, the mod will indeed break. When that happens, the mod will simply not work and it will require an update, but it won't affect the game otherwise.

Q: I am a curious cat and saw this in f4se.log: "couldn't load plugin ...\\exitsave_killer.dll (Error 1114)".
A: That error is normal and intended. This DLL gets loaded, it does its job by changing 7 bytes of the game code, and then it tells windows to unload it by returning FALSE in the DllMain function, as to avoid wasting those precious 5KB of memory that the DLL takes up. When the control goes back to F4SE, it is as if the dll had never existed.