Radrose Usability Enhancements - Improved DEF_UI plus VIS patch collection by takatoriyama
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Radrose Usability Enhancements

Includes Valdacil Item Sorting VIS patches for many popular mods!
New from 2.0! Automatically installs patches for your active mods!
New icons and categories for the Pip-Boy, inventory, and trading screens!
Further improves Fallout 4 inventory management!

-=- Update 2017/9/26 -=- 

I've severely underestimated how much free time I would have after a recent change of role at work.
Sadly, it looks like I won't have time to make any updates for the foreseeable future, at least into 2018.

If you would like to include any of these patches in other compilations for the purposes of fixing or expanding functionality, please contact me.

Improves Pip-Boy and trading screens

 - Sorting patches for many companion, quest, and gameplay mods!
 - More Pip-Boy categories to keep inventory organized and find items easier
 - Survival foods useful for hunger sort to top so you don't waste time searching
 - Unique icons for different food types, and new subcategory for food crafting ingredients
 - Junk items used in crafting categorized separately as "Components"
 - Scrapping components shown for all items
 - Color Pip-Boy icons are optionally supported! (See Compatibility notes below)
 - Optionally craft workbenches without "Local Leader" perk
 - Updated Trade and Container tabs to better match Pip-Boy categories

 Recent Updates:
 - New! Version 2.5: Added New Community Patches, updated mod versions, and bug fixes
 - Version 2.4: Mod version updates, new mod patches, and bugfixes
 - Version 2.3: Updated SimSettlements and Settlemods patches, added Comics mods & bugfixes
 - Version 2.2: Added VIS patches for 9 new mods including Dave's Poses and DOOM Weapons
 - Version 2.1: Fixed disappearing Devices subcategory, merged Quest and Currency subcategories
 - Version 2.0: Installer auto-detects your active mods and selects appropriate patches

 Related Mods:
 - During recent travel with a weak laptop that couldn't run Fallout 4, I made a Fallout 3 version.

Compatible with Fallout 1.7.12 and above, no DLC required

Required Mods
Without these mods, you see the tags but no icons or scrap components

 DEF_UI by Neanka and Valdacil 1.4.3
 Valdacil's Item Sorting by Valdacil 9.0.3
 Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Valdacil - Gambit77 - AndrewCX 3.0.9

 NOTE: Only the "Vanilla Weight" and "BetterJunk+DEF_INV" options are supported. Other options will have mixed results.

Optional DLC Usability Patches
All patches are optional and require their corresponding DLC to be installed

 Automatron - Tags for DLC items
 Far Harbor- Alternate tags for DLC items
 NukaWorld - Alternate tags for DLC items, show scrap components, and distinct icons for Weapons and Ammo

An "All DLC" integrated patch option is also included!

Third-Party RUE Patches
Independent patches using RUE enhancements

 FROST VIS Patch by MEV4NS 1.6 - Enhanced VIS patch for FROST Survival Simulator by naugrim04

All patches are optional and require their corresponding mod to be installed

 -= Utility Mods =-

 Autosave Manager by Yohane 1.30
 New! DEF_MCM Mods Configuration Menu Light by Neanka v2 Community patch by Freso
 New! Dynamic Interior Fog Removal by EAGnR 1.1 Community patch by Freso
 FO4 Hotkeys by registrator2000 1.2
 Immersive HUD - iHUD by Gopher 2.0
 New! HoloTime - HUD Clock Widget by registrator2000 1.0c Community patch by Freso
 Journal of the Sole Survivor - Personal Journal by registrator2000 1.1
 New! Outfit Switcher - Hotkey Loadouts by registrator2000 2.2 Community patch by Freso
 Sleep Or Save by Loganbacca 2.1
 New! Survival Saving - Holotapes save the game by DeEz 1.6
 SURVIVAL QUICK SAVE - No Sleep Till Bedtime by Gopher 1.2.1
 True Storms - Wasteland Edition by fadingsignal 1.4

 -= Companion Mods =-

 Better Companions by techprince 1.12
 Companions Go Home by registrator2000 1.1
 Companion Whistle by Raumfliege 1.0.3
 Ellen - the cartographer by guicool 1.9.6
 Updated! Heather Casdin by llamaRCA 1.02
 Nora Companion Mod by HouseVariable 1.0
 New! Pet - Call - Feed Dogmeat by Flipdeezy 3.3
 Visible Companion Affinity by CDante 4.141

 -= Quest and Location Mods =-

 America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave by Otellino 1.02
 Beantown Interiors Project by Chucksteel 8.9.3
 Bountiful Boards by Gilbrilthore 0.8.2 
 Cartographers Map Markers (Fallout4 Edition) CMM by Feyawen 4.3
 Commonwealth Challenges by Pokepunch 1.2.1
 FallComplete by kefka95 1.2
 Fusion City Rising by Recluse and Thuggysmurf 1.0
 Levelers Bunker by WillieSea 0.13
 Lexington Interiors by DW UK 1.2.4
 Minutemen Overhaul 2.0 by Karel2015 2.0.5
 New! National Guard Depot Omega Dungeon by Ferengario v3
 NPCs Travel by skyquest 2.0.0
 Outcasts and Remnants by Thuggysmurf Recluse and Formado721 0.95e
 Publick Occurrences Expanded by doswillrule 1.3
 Tales from the Commonwealth by kristakahashi 2.4
 Submarine Base Echo Dungeon and Quest by Ferengario 6F
 The Code by EijiroTono and Purpleeni 1.11
 New! U.S.N. Boston Dreadnought Dungeon by Ferengario v4
 Vault 1080 by nVidia v15
 We Are The Minutemen by TheFirstEnd 4.41
 WRVR by CaseyTheVA 1.6b
 The Wild Wasteland by Watcherzero V3

 -= Armor Mods =-

 Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77 3.02
 Ballistic Dog Gear by BabaManda 1.0 - Mod ESP Replacer
 Boonie Hats by Higeyosi 1.0
 Chinese Stealth Suit by DogtoothCG Unoctium 0.13
 Courser X-92 Power Suit by John Doe Bowler 1.55
 Craftable Armor Size by Deserter X 1.3.0
 Dave's Poses by davethedrunk femshepping and TrophiHunter 2.1
 Eli's Armour Compendium by Elianora 1.5 and Armorsmith Extended
 Enclave X-02 Power Armor by DogtoothCG UnoctiumJones 0.22
 Legionary's Gear - A Tribute To The Bad Guys by Tacoduck 1.0
 Survivalist Go-Bags by MaaroTakai 1.3 and 1.2
 Synth Overhaul - C.A.S.T. by MaaroTakai 3.0.1
 The Mercenary - Pack by Tookie Jones 1.0
 New! Vault Tec Power Armor by NewerMind43 and Captain-Ultima 0.9c
 West Tek Tactical Optics - Night Vision Thermal Vision Goggles and More by fadingsignal 2.0.1

 -= Weapon Mods =-

 Crossbows of the Commonwealth by TrickyVein 1.4
 CROSS PlasRail by Niero 1.5
 DOOMBASED Weapons Merged by DOOM 1.2
 Extended Weapon Mods by Akhanami 1.6
 Fusion Gun by Fallout Suite 2.2
 Gunsmith Extended by Undyne777 2.7
 GenTec Grenades by Genaxx 1.4 - 1.5
 Glowsticks Redux by Genaxx 1.0
 GenTec Glowsticks by Genaxx 1.2 - Replaced by Glowsticks Redux
 Katana Tsuki No Hana 「刀月の花」 by sankojin 1.5
 New! PreWar Binoculars by a_blind_man 2.1.0 - Community patch by Freso
 Remote Explosives - C4 with Detonators and More by fadingsignal 1.0
 Skibadaa Weapon Pack REDUX by Skibadaa 1.2c
 The Legend Of Zelda Master Sword by TrophiHunter 1.0
 Unique Uniques - Unique Weapons Redone by Trainwiz 1.01
 Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000 1.3

 -= Gameplay Mods =-

 Bullet Time - Slow Time by registrator2000 1.2
 Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags) by fadingsignal 1.0.1
 Chem Redux by herpderp2332 2.5 - Mod ESP Replacer
 New! Clean Soup by bls61793 1.01 - Community patch by Freso
 Comic Collector by Despy 1.0
 Cyan's Perk Mod by Cyan Ian 1.6d
 New! Give Me That Bottle by Zzyxzz 2.6a - Community patch by Freso
 Herbal Remedies by drake0038 1.1
 Manifests - Advanced Shipments by GenghisKhanX 2.0
 Milk That Brahmin - A Milk Mini-Overhaul by Testudini 1.0.01
 Nightstrikers by Shadowliger 1.5.0
 Real Comics by Despy 1.2
 Usable Cigarettes by Wenderer 1.2b
 VAFS - VaultTec Accelerated Focus System by Ashnal 1.6.3
 Vertibird Beacon by Butterqup
 Wasteland Imports by Mikado and customtemplar 1.6b

 -= Scrap and Crafting Mods =-

 AutomatronSecuritron by m 1.15
 Backbreaker - Big Junk by GenghisKhanX 2.6
 Craftable Adhesives by brainduster 1.0
 Immersive Scrapping by Xcytress 4.0
 Legendary Modification by teaLz 1.75
 Legendary Modification - DLC and Additional Fixes by junks808 2.92
 Love to Craft - Legendary by MrPMG 2.6
 Mo Betta Scrap - Scrap Material Overhaul by Citre 0.32 - Mod ESP Replacer
 Updated! Portable Junk Recycler by Kentington 1.0
 Scavenger_The search for scrap by SirKorax 2.0.3
 Scrapper without workshop by SirKorax 3.3 - Replaced by Scavenger_The search for scrap
 Soylent Green - Add-on for Manufacturing Extended by cartman1975 0.5

 -= Settlement Mods =-

 Don't Call Me Settler(Names-Jobs-Tools) by a1a3a6a9 1.7.0 - Removed from Nexus
 Immersive Settlers by Marmo1233 1.3
 NX Pro Farming by Nephatrine 1.65.4 - Removed from Nexus
 Settlement Keywords Expanded by Sharlikran 1.55
 Settlement Management Software by matzman666 3
 Experimental Plant Farming by DimensionLord1 1
 Recruitable Settlers by Socharis 3.0.3
 Salvage Beacons by kinggath 0.4.6 - 1.0.1
 Updated! Sim Settlements by kinggath 2.0.3
 Settlemods Collection - 10 player settlements bym0ds1984 1.0.4 - Standalone mods also supported
 Snappy HouseKit by robboten 5.0
 Snap'n'Build Collection by ad3d0 1.9 - Removed from Nexus

Install using Nexus Mod Manager; manual installation not supported

 1. Install prerequisite and desired optional mod
 2. Click "Download with Manager"
 3. Activate in Nexus Mod Manager
 3. Select desired options in installation dialog
NOTE: Only select patches for mods you have installed!
 4. IMPORTANT: Click "Yes" when prompted to overwrite files
   Data/interface/lyrConf.xml - Pip-Boy categories and groupings
   Data/interface/DEF_CONF/DEF_INV_TABS.xml - Trade and container tabs
   Data/interface/DEF_CONF/DEF_INV_TAGS.xml - Tag-to-Icon mappings
 5. Launch Fallout 4

RECOMMENDED: Merged or Bashed Patch
Use a merged patch to avoid impacting the mod load limit

 The large number of individual patches eats into the total FO4 mod limit of 255 active ESM+ESP files.
 Users with a large number of mods are strongly recommended to create a custom merged patch.
 Install normally, then create a merged patch for al RUE patches you selected during installation.

 Popular tools include:
 Merge Plugins by Mator. (Recommended)
 Wrye Bash
 FO4Edit by zilav. Here is a video tutorial for FNVEdit, though the process is the same using FO4Edit.

Recommended Load Order
Base Game, DLC, Valdacil, Mods, VIS Patches, RUE, RUE Patches.

 <DLC esm's>
 <Mod esm's>

 <Other Mods>
 <Other VIS Patches>

 Radrose Usability Enhancements.esp
 <Radrose VIS patches>

Compatibility with Other VIS Patches
Most sorting mods are compatible, with some caveats.

 Radrose Usability Enhancements ("RUE") uses the default ICONLIBS2 icon library file provided by Valdacil's Item Sorting.
 It includes all Valdacil icon definitions from DEF_INV_TAGS.
 → All mods using VIS-defined icon tags will work perfectly.

 RUE includes many custom tags from other VIS patch mods that modify DEF_INV_TAGS are also compatible.
 → Load RUE after other mods, and overwrite DEF_INV_TAGS.
 → For missing tags, post a bug with a link to the mod, the tag name, and preferred icon.
   Include a screenshot if possible so I can add compatibility in a later version.

 Mods that modify DEF_INV_TABS or lyrConf will be partially compatible.
 HTnTK and Horizon custom icons are included in RUE, but subcategories follow RUE pattern.
 This is due to a total limit of 16 subcategories in DEF_UI.

  (HTnTK) - More Functional Holotapes - Holotape Crafting Station by WolfJack 1.1
  Horizon 1.0 by Zawinul 1.0.5
  Immersive waiting Sit anywhere redux by Flipdeezy 0.1b → Load RUE after these mods, and overwrite DEF_INV_TAGS, DEF_INV_TABS, and lyrConf.

 Any other mods' custom icon tags not included in RUE will be shown in-game as-is aka "(Tag) Tagged Item"
 → Post a bug with a link to the mod, the tag name, and preferred icon.
   Include a screenshot if possible so I can add compatibility in a later version.

 Colored icon libraries using Valdacil icon definitions are compatible.
  Gold Kit for Color Pipboy -anti-Black and White Screen by Zenotep 1.11
  Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI by Omega 5.5.2
 → Load RUE after these mods, and overwrite DEF_INV_TAGS.

Uninstall and reinstall using Nexus Mod Manager; manual upgrade not supported

 1.1 to 1.2: ESP names have changed, so a warning will show when first loading an existing save.
 1.2 to 1.3: ESP name for Sleep or Save was changed, and Kor_Scrapper replaced with Kor_Scavenger.
 1.3 to 1.4: Some items move to different categories. Patch ESPs added for additional mods.
 1.4 to 1.5: Reduced ESP count for RUE standard options; warning may show when loading existing saves.
 1.5 to 1.6: Some new item tags, added some missing scrap component tags.
 1.6 to 1.7: Trade and Container tabs are changed to better match Pip-Boy categories.
 1.7 to 1.8: Additional VIS patches; no upgrade issues.
 1.8 to 2.1: Automatic detection of installed mods, fixed disappearing Devices subcategory.
 2.1 to 2.5: Bug fixes and additional patches; no upgrade issues.

Uninstall using Nexus Mod Manager; manual uninstallation not supported

 1. Deactivate in Nexus Mod Manager

Implementation details for mod authors 

 Mod authors who want to take advantage of the new categories can use the new tags added below.
 Many tags share the same icons; they are separate to allow for new icons to be added in future.

 → Custom icon libraries can also be supported: if you would like support added, please contact me.

Tags Added By This Mod
Tags are added for new categories, using existing DEF_UI icons

  (Entree) - Food with no rads or effects
  (Ingredient) - Items usable in food crafting recipes
  (Egg) - Various eggs
  (Herb) - Thistles, Ferns, Blossoms, etc.
  (Meat) - Raw meats requiring cooking
  (Blood) - Blood packs
  (Poison) - Poisoned drinks
  (Smoke) - For smokable cigar/ette mods
  (Device) - Aid devices (locators, activators)
  (Dog) - Doggy treats etc. from mods
  [Skill Mag] - For mods with FO3/FNV-style one-time magazines

  (Acid) - Nuka-World Acid Soaker
  (Paddle) - Nuka-World Paddle Ball
  (Arrow) - Bow and Crossbow Mods
  (Core) - Fusion Cores
  (Energy) - Energy Weapons
  (Atomic) - Nuclear Weapons

  [Acid] - Nuka-World Acid Soaker
  [.223] - Various Weapon Mods
  [7.62mm] - Nuka-World Handmade Rifles
  [Paddle] - Nuka-World Paddle Ball
  [Zapper] - Nuka-World Thirst Zapper
  [Thrown] - Throwable Weapon Mods
  [Rock] - Throwable Rocks
  [Unarmed] - Unarmed Weapon Mods
  [Barbell] - Weapon Mods
  [Crossbow] - Crossbow Weapon Mods
  [Harpoon] - Various Weapon Mods
  [Pistol] - Gunsmith Extended
  [Revolver] - Gunsmith Extended
  [Machinegun] - Gunsmith Extended
  [Rifle] - Gunsmith Extended
  [Lever-Action] - Gunsmith Extended
  [Radium] - Gunsmith Extended
  [Minigun] - Gunsmith Extended

(Sort to Bottom only)
  {Nuka} - Nuka-World Grenades
  {Nuke} - Nuclear Weapons
  {Bomb} - Placeable Explosives


  (B-90) - Mercenary Mods
  (Dress) - Clothing Mods
  (Shorts) - Clothing Mods
  (Merc) - Mercenary Mods
  (Swimwear) - Clothing Mods

  (Component) - Scrap usable in item crafting recipies
  (Coffee) - Coffee Tin
  (Corpse) - Bones and body parts
  (Compost) - NX Farming compost items
  (Shipment) - Shipments of scrap components
  (Toy) - Toys and games
  (DRGN) - Garden gnomes


  [Faction: BOS] - Brotherhood of Steel
  [Faction: Institute] - The Institute
  [Faction: Railroad] - The Railroad


  (Beacon) - Salvage Beacons
  (Game) - Game holotapes
  (Hack) - Hacking holotapes
  (Jetpack) - Jetpack mods
  (Module) - Tools for various third-party mods
  (MOD) - Tools for various third-party mods
  (Software) - Software holotapes
  [Bed] - Portable bedroll and sleeping bag mods
  (Vase) - Vases for third-party decorating mods
  [Tool] - Tools for various third-party mods
  [Misc] - Special tag for Immersive Waiting / Sit Anywhere
  [News] - Publick Occurences and Newspaper mods
  [Save] - Save activators for third-party mods
  [Schematic] - Schematics from custom crafting mods
  [Settings] - Settings holotapes and chems for various third-party mods
  |Legendary| - Legendary mod crafting

Categorization of Untagged Items
Certain untaggable items are categorized by name

  (Settings) - Various unpatched Settings and Configuration activators
  (Aid) - X-111 Compound
  (Chem) - Mysterious Serum
  (Quest) - Cobalt, Gold, Hydrochloric Acid, Gallium
  (Quest) - Terminal Network Card, Terminal Key

Recategorization of Items
Items are moved to more appropriate Pip-Boy tabs

  MISC Devices → AID Devices
  MISC Settings → AID Settings
  MISC Trash → [color=#00ffff]JUNK