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Mix up new Nuka-Cola flavors regardless if it's warm or ice cold. This mod adds recipes to the soda mixing machines for using the ice cold variants of Nuka-Cola drinks to make their ice cold counterparts. Or just warm up your colas if you prefer them that way...

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If you've completed Trouble Brewin' and kept Drinking Buddy alive, or use mods which let you chill your beverages in refridgerators then you may be sitting on a stockpile of Ice Cold Nuka-Cola like I am. You get the new Nuka-World DLC and imagine your surprise when you discover you can create new Nuka-Cola flavors by mixing together different kinds of Nuka-Cola. Then you realize that it requires the regular non-chilled versions to create those new flavors. Suddenly that stockpile of Cherry, Quantum, and regular Nuka-Cola you've been hoarding all this time is useless. I don't want to say it's a fix but maybe an oversight of Bethesda's that you cannot use chilled drinks to mix sodas. That's where this mod comes in.

-=How To Use=-

By using any of the new Nuka-Mixer Stations created from the Nuka-World DLC you will find two new tabs.

Soda Mixer (Ice Cold) - Contains every soda mixing recipe found in Nuka-World. The requirements are the same as the regular ones meaning you'll need to find the recipes before you can mix certain flavors. The difference here is they use the ice cold versions of the original sodas needed and also yield the ice cold versions of that soda. For example the very first recipe you automatically get requires one Ice Cold Nuka-Cola and one Ice Cold Nuka-Cherry instead of a Nuka-Cola and Nuka-Cherry. This normally yields one regular Newka-Cola but you will get an Ice Cold Newka-Cola instead with this recipe.

Soda Warmer - Like the name says, contains a recipe to "convert" every ice cold variant into its regular counterpart. This is mostly for if you have a large stock of a particular soda which is ice cold, but need to have the regular version of it. Some other recipes like the Nuka-Nuke require a regular Nuka-Cola Quantum to craft which now you can do if you've turned all yours into ice cold ones. Also some quests may require a warm version of a soda instead of a cold one. Every soda is covered and no recipes are required to make them since you're essentially just "warming up" a soda and not creating it from scratch. Be forewarned however that since every soda is listed if you want to keep it a mystery to every flavor/type of soda available you may want to avoid using this tab to keep yourself from seeing it.

-=Chilling Beverages=-

There are mods to chill beverages so this won't be a feature. Alternatively you can use Drinking Buddy from the vanilla game. If you've sold Drinking Buddy to Rufus you can find him at the Hotel Rexford situated in Goodneighbor. For alternatives to Drinking Buddy here's a few recommended mods. I cannot guarantee however if they have been updated to take advantage of Nuka-World so you'll need to check with the mod author. If you know of any other mods which do the same as Drinking Buddy let me know and I'll add them to this list.

The Fridge
Working Ice Cooler


There should be none, I only add two new keywords and the recipes. Nothing else has been modified. Any mods that change the properties of the sodas, naming, or offer item sorting will work fine. Any mods that alter the Nuka-Mixer Stations will also be compatible.