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This mod fixes and re-adds the unused "Animatronic Alien Blaster" that's based on the ones from FO3 and NV.

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While looking through Nuka World's files I stumbled across a version of the Alien Animatronic's blaster that actually had a model, however the firing sound was bugged in a way that caused it to loop forever, and the weapon mods for it were the base game's. As a result if you attempted to mod it the pieces would jut out at odd spots.


All this mod does is fix up, tweak, and re-add the unused Animatronic Alien Blaster. A single one can be found at the top of Starport Nuka in the Galactic Zone, which can only be accessed after you restore power to the park, OR if you download the Hubologist version you'll be given it towards the end of their quest as a replacement for their default one.

  • Stats

Since design wise it's based on the Alien Blasters from 3/NV, I decided to have this one come as close as possible to those versions.

These are the base stats straight from the CK:

Damage: 75
Ammo: Fusion Cells (Can be converted to use Alien Blaster Power Cells)
Ammo Cap: 10
Weight: 2
Value: 450


Just Fallout 4 and Nuka World.


French version translated by Sylom.