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  1. Envy661
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    I love the look of this, but... And this is gonna sound really stupid... But "Meh Immersion", I just can't use it because of it's name. T-51c is literally an armor type you can craft in the game, since T-series armor can be upgraded from A to F. This would have been 10x better for immersive purists by being called T-52 or something, with the mildest stat differences in the world.

    After all, claiming it's a variation or not, nothing can deny that there are no signs of the original T-51 power armor in the overall look of this set. It is literally a brand new entity. And like the T-49 Armor of the Storyteller, this too should have had an appropriate name.
    1. JohnnyTest91
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      If it is bothering you that much, download the CK and just rename the files?
    2. GallumX
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      Kinda second this comment, it doesn't quite make sense
      Not to mention it has [T-51C] printed on the chest piece
    3. a_rod
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      The mod author probably just wanted to stay faithful to the original concept art design.
      Though I agree, it would've been more appropriate to name this PA something like "T-57" instead.
      Just like what AnOneTwo did for his Air Force Power Armor mod.
    4. EndoranWest
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      To be honest the whole concept of the armors being upgraded from A to F is more of an attack on the lore, as those are actual model names. There were no T-51Cs, Ds, Es or Fs in the lore, and my headcannon on this armour is that it uses the same technology as the T-51 line of PA, but was made more aerodynamic and adapted for paratrooper combat.
    5. jksdavid
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      Yes there were A,E,F power armors in the lore. For example T-51B power armor was the one they deployed in Anchorage. It was also the replacement for the T-45D. The variants were more likely improved variations of the previous models.

      "In January 2077, General Constantine Chase completed the Anchorage Reclamation, using winterized T-51b power armor troops as spearhead"

      Also as far as I can see this power armor closely resebles the Air Force Power Armor T-57c (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37261) with a few changes. So it could have been called something else other than 51c. Not that it's a big problem tho.
    6. Yaivenov
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      Good catch with the T-57c mod.
    7. BoatSrCool
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      this is a recreation of the armor from FNV so not mod makers fault bethesda changes lore
  2. desminisblackish
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    whenever I try to change the armor it says that no armor equipped on the frame but all the pieces are on there
  3. AllenAllenAllenandAllen
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    While I love this armor's design quite a lot, and I believe the creator did a really good job recreating the armor from Cleveland's concept art, I have one minor issue. For some reason, the Titanium Plating upgrade only increases the health of the armor by 4 points for all pieces except the helmet. ( The helmet went from some 150-210 to a whopping 445-550 Armor HP ) I'd love to use this armor but the armor pieces break not even a minute into combat.
  4. Deepfreeze915
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    I haven't seen anyone else post about this issue, so any help is appreciated. When I go to National Guard Training yard, I can see the dead guard with the note, fusion core, and helmet in his lap, but that's it. I saw in a YouTube video that the full suit is supposed to be in the same room as the helmet, but it doesn't show up there. I've checked everywhere around NGTY and there is absolutely no T-51c Airforce armor other than the helmet. Thanks in advance!
  5. DutchmanX1
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    not sure why but this armor crashes as soon as i get into power armor station.
  6. helstar846
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    I'd like to use other paintjobs on this armor, does anyone know how to do that? I have other paint mods for power armor but this doesn't want to use it.
    1. xXTheForsakenQueen01Xx
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      You would need a compatibility patch, sadly I don't think anybody's made one.
  7. JAYsquatch
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    Who is in charge of uploading them to Bethesda? Is it Cap Ultima or newermind? Because it is not on Bethesda at the moment
    1. TheSolusPrime
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      Why use Bethesda when you can use Nexus
    2. Muffintheboi
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      Correct answer
  8. BoltMagic
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    This reminds me of the Nuclear Power Armor in Wasteland 3's alpha.
  9. Worsin
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    A Worsin's Immersive Power Armor Garage (WIPAG) compatibility addon has been created for this mod.

    It enables the crafting of an advanced version of this power armor allowing the full use of WIPAG's Advanced PA Specialization system.

    Craft this Custom Power Armor and apply 1 of 6 unique specializations to it with 100's of PA mods and enhancements. The WIPAG addon does not inlcude paints and does not use any assets from this mod. This mod would be a hard requirement to use the WIPAG addon.

    Download the Addon Pack from here:
    Download Here

    Download WIPAG from here:
    Download Here
  10. AlisterX
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    Any item sorting patches? Possible updates? :O
    Love this mod!