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Crafting Mastery is 'Crafting Workbenches' with new updates!

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Crafting Mastery
An updated and standalone mod to drdanzel's awesome 'Crafting Workbenches' mod (remember to kudos his too!)

Craft anything you could ever want and more.

Want a Water Zapper for all your settlers? Want both you and piper dressed as kellog? Want to create an army of Mechanist lookalikes?

Do this and more with Crafting Mastery!

Simply install either the main file and use the installer to create your perfect setup or use one of the combo versions in optionals for a giant single esp of all your favorite options rolled into 1. Other combos can be made at user request.

Includes (all DLC are optionals for people without certain DLC):
-All Armor craftable across base and all DLC 
-All Weapons craftable from base game and DLC
-All Power Armor craftable from base game and DLC
-All Ammo from base game and DLC weapons
-Clutter Items Craftable from base game and DLC items

And when I say All i mean all... yes even replicas of those unique items you once thought was single item only is possible (optional). Now you and Deacon can stop fighting over that Deliverer pistol and have one each! or make a copy of that awesome Tesla Armor and duo team your enemies in style!

-Reorders the benches in the settlement crafting menu so they're not all over the place
-Removed the need for perks on Workbenches so you can plan exactly what perks you want or build your tool shed from the get go!
*Disclaimer* Not responsible for accidents caused using a workbench you don't know how to use, proper training is still required to use.

This mod comes with 3 ways of crafting Ammo:
Easy - Makes all items craftable from basic components like the normal game.
Hard - You need to craft Primers and Casings to be able to make the ammo.
Hard Alt - Same as Hard but with alternate menu listing where ammo is listed per ammo type using Armor Keywords layout.

Also has optional settings for the following using the 'Crafting Mastery Cassette' from the Chemistry Workbench:
No Ammo - Want everything else but not the ammo crafting? Turn it off.
Gunpowder/Energy Cells - If using Hard Ammo, choose whether they are craftable or only gotten from scrapping other ammo.
Special Ammo - Disables Alien Rounds, Cryo Rounds, Fusion Cores, MiniNukes, and Missiles in Ammo Crafting Bench.
Replicas - Craft all unique legendary items from the Tesla power armor to the humble deliverer.
Clutter Desk - Craft any items that you'd find normally lying around from a vase to a piece of paper.
Power Armor - Craft power armor pieces

Legendary Addon (for all those that have all the DLC):
Cool all drinkables - build a cooler box or vending machine, hook it up to some power,  and wait 4 hours with drinks inside to get their cooled versions (new ones added for previously missing drinks like cooled whisky so any drink can be cooled, even water!)

Also comes with a patch for the following:
Armorsmith Extended - Patches the replicas to work with AE changes as well as removes CM Armor/Power Armor crafting 
Valdacils Item Sorting - Patches items to have the VIS tags (also works fine with VIS_G too!)
Loads of Ammo - Craft all the different ammo's from this mod
Weapon Smith Extended - Patches WSE so all 3 ammo options fully work and removes CM Weapon crafting
Sim Settlements - Patches a few items with Vis tags and puts them in the Utility Workbench


This requires 
valdacil's 'Armor Keywords' Workbenches to make things craftable in the game!

Also make sure to note: if this version is uninstalled you'll lose all the replicas and only keep the default ones 
since uninstalling this means the replicas no longer exist (separate IDRef#). All of these have replica after their names so you'll know which ones are effected.


New Xbox 1 version available thanks to oblivioneero for porting it over:

Speak Spanish? Darthtallgeese has you covered :)

Special thanks to 'Crafting Workbenches' by drdanzel for most of the base game items and for which this mod is based and some parts originally used from:

Without this mod this one simply wouldn't exist as it started as just a way of updating his but with it now lacking updates I felt it was right to be standalone. Don't forget to kudos drdanzel for his brilliant work that started me on this and allowing me to update it in the first place. drdanzel.. if you do return... YOU ROCK my friend! :-) remember to kudos and endorse his mod too!

Also thanks to joelflake for his awesome 'Recipe Container' script to allow items in containers to be switched for something else after a delay so now the freezers actually work properly!