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These racks are buildable after completing the quest 'Taken for a Ride' from the Nuka World DLC.

Can be found under Furniture -> Shelves.
Racks are interacted with just like a bobblehead stand or magazine rack.
Racks will snap to each other. (racks to racks. wall racks to wall racks.)

Nuka-Cola racks will hold 8 of any Nuka-Cola flavor/mix. Ice Cold too!
  • Empty Nuka-Cola Bottle
  • Nuka-Cola Cup
  • Nuka-Cola Cup and Straw
  • Nuka-Cola Cup Pack
  • Nuka-Cola Lunchbox
  • Souvenir Coffee Cup
  • Souvenir Drinking Glass
Vim! racks will hold 8 of any Vim! flavor. Ice Cold too!
- DO NOT put your giant Vim! Bottle into a Vim! rack. Shrinkage very well may occur.
Nuka-Cola Recipe Book Display Rack
- Modified Magazine rack to hold all 15 of the Nuka-Cola Recipe Books.
- 5 dummy recipe books can be found on the shelf behind Shelbie in the Nuka-town Market.

New!  Robot Model Display Rack to hold all 8 robot models.

Requires both Far Harbor and Nuka World DLCs.

If updating to version 1.2 unload and scrap all of your current Nuka-Cola Racks, Save, and then disable the "NukaRack.esp".

Nuka-Cola version for Xbox One available at mods.bethesda.net
Nuka-Cola & Vim! version for Xbox One available at mods.bethesda.net

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