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Player character Pipboy texture replacer.

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I like to use a damage worn Pipboy when playing Fallout games as I find it can give character and sense of a tragic story behind it.
This is my version for FALLOUT 4 and am now sharing. Stripped paint, rust and cracked screens galore. Added Vault-Tec seal of approval and new indicator light textures. Like my Ultra Hi-rez Vault Suit Re-haul, this is matter of taste but I believe there will still be plenty of you who might have the same sensibilities. This texture will be unique to your player and not effect the rest of the Pipboys. This is 4K in size but there are smaller Normals and  Speculars under optional files for performance issues for more modest systems.

I added a optional file for custom realistic HoloTape re-textures based on  PsiSkye's Lore Accurate Holodisk Holotape including game disks. 
Also No crack screen option also under optional files.


Use NMM or Download manually and unpack archive to your Fallout4 main folder. 

This is compatible with other texture replacers. 
This is compatible with both PipboyRemover and Pipboy Zero
If you use Unique Player Bods mod make sure you put the Unique Player esp under Unique Pipboy esp in NMM to avoid conflict.

Additional Notes
You can also use this as a Unique Player Pipboy mod with your own favorite re-textures. Just replace the textures with ones of your choice via NMM after activating this mod  and choosing yes when prompted to overwrite or manually in the textures Fallout 4/data/texture/AnimObjects/Pipboy directory. If you already using a custom texture be sure to set them aside in a temp folder so they are not overwriten and then replace them back after activating this one.
You can also add custom textures to the rest of the Pipboys in the game by adding them to Fallout 4/data/texture/AnimObjects/PipboyRest directory

Thanks to

PsiSkye for permission to release retextured versions of his Lore Accurate Holodisk Holotape mod.

My Fav Fallout Youtuber AlChestBreach Fallout 4 Mods Week 29 featuring this Pipboy Mod.

Youtuber AlChestBreach first video playthrough using his new regular Pipboy. Guess which one ;) He He
Jump to minute 2:08 where he says a funny quip about it. Also check out his Twitch stream where he does a small commentary
about this mod at minute 00.42.45. Enjoy