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Current-gen quality Desert Eagle (with optional custom animations)

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This is my port of my Desert Eagle model, which you may have seen released for New Vegas by Millenia. I did my own textures for it this time so they're probably not as good. 

Has a reflex sight mod which you can get by crafting, and comes in either matte or silver.

How to obtain:
You can find one at the National Guard armory, Gunner's Plaza or the Switchboard, in fairly conspicuous locations. If you're not smart enough to find them, you can get the IDs by typing "help XIX 4" into the console without quotes. Cannot be found in leveled lists because I'm not clever enough to do that.

Yes, it uses .44, for balancing reasons, despite the fact that it says .50AE on the barrel. I'm not changing it. If you don't like it, get the Creation Kit and change it yourself.

Seems some people have had difficulties with installation. Some have reported that installing version 1 and installing the latest version over that fixes most problems.

9/09/2016: Fixed some minor issues with stats.
1/09/2016: Added optional file which adds custom animations by Shiny Haxorus, completely standalone.

Shiny Haxorus for the custom animations. If you like them more animations are available here.