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Travel around the Commonwealth with British vault girl Laura, a charming yet tough cookie who will share her thoughts and serve you well in combat

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Vault Girl Laura (curr. v.3.0.1)
Fully voiced, fully functional standalone Companion

Due to the amount of bugs and glitches with this mod, it has been handed over to another Nexus modder for further development and fixing. Therefore, no further support can be offered and I would recommend that no-one download this mod until it has been re-released by the other modder. I will make an annoucement once this has been done, with a link to the new version. Thank you for your patience.


Due to the growing amount of bug reports regarding random vanilla quests not working as well as other repeated bugs, I am giving up support for this mod. I am currently working on a new companion which will be more meticulously tested, will be debugged on the fly and should not contain even a fraction as many bugs as Laura seems to.

Laura is my first companion, and I know there are many conflicts and unresolved warnings everywhere, so it's getting to the point where debugging is near impossible for me, I am not a professional modder, I only do this in my spare time. Sorry to anyone who has a problem, I do understand it must be frustrating but then it's just the same for me. This mod is offered "as is" now, so any major issues or problems, best to uninstall.

My new companion will be released in the new year. Thanks for understanding.


Introducing Laura, the British vault girl who found herself in Diamond City, just waiting for someone to show her some excitement. Laura is my first fully fledged standalone companion mod, so I spent a lot of time on this - below are some of the features you can find in this mod:

Laura is fully voiced, with lip sync, by British voice actress Emily Linard
She can trade with you, share her thoughts when asked and fight like a pro, melee and energy weapons at the ready!
You can build affinity with Laura by doing things she likes, like picking locks. Reach high enough affinity and gain a brand new perk!
Terminal too difficult to hack? Ask Laura! She will happily unlock any terminal, to the best of her ability
Resides in her own Crime Faction, as well as Diamond City's - so don't go going medieval on those residents!
Makes random comments based on where your character goes - including Super Duper Mart, Pickman Gallery and more
All comments, thoughts and dialogue is 100% UNIQUE to Laura - no re-edits of other NPC dialogue to be found!
Even your own character (be it male or female) will voice the questions within conversation! No silent head nodding etc..

Please note that the affinity system in Laura is not 100% complete - you WILL gain affinity as you do the right things to impress her, but she won't initiate a conversation with you when you reach the correct levels. But when you do reach the Infatuation stage you should earn her special perk which gives you extra damage with Plasma weapons (like the one she has) and also extra damage resistance in a Vault Suit. I will be working on affinity dialogue in a later release so please bear with me - scripting is not the easiest!

PLEASE PLEASE report bugs if you find any. I have tested this as best I can and as far as I can tell, everything is fine. If you enjoy travelling with Laura, please comment! I've attached some videos so you can hear how she sounds.

Please note, the mod Azar Ponytail Hairstyles is REQUIRED to make this work, as Laura's hair is from this mod. You will be prompted to download this upon installation.

Laura doesn't look this good by accident, you will need the following mods to reproduce her:

deLuxe Makeup
Asian Face Enhanced
Valkyr Female Body and Face Textures
True Eyes

and of course