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Overrides the default scavenger sandbox behavior with regular settler work behavior, making settlers assigned to scavenging stations spend their time at the station.

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This is a simple AI package override for scavenger settlers, where the default values in their scavenging behavior have been replaced by values from the AI package for regular working settlers. This cuts down on their random wandering, making the scavengers spend time at their assigned station instead of hiding somewhere behind a bush. The mod also disables the "weapon drawn" behavior, so that in the rare instances where settlers walk away, they don't point their gun at everyone while rambling around.

This new behavior goes well with mods that add new scavenging stations, such as Housekeeping - Scavenging Deluxe, as the default AI package made the settlers assigned to the new stations just wander off.

Mod made with FO4edit 3.1.3.