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Added: 28/08/2016 - 11:02AM
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Last updated at 11:00, 28 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 11:02, 28 Aug 2016


Built upon PhotoRealistic Commonwealth and Psy-Fi for No Man's sky
this preset uses dynamic and adaptive colorgrades, lens effects, bloom and more
to give Fallout 4 some sort of a retro 80's science fiction movie look.

Clean look is an alternative version of Psy-Fi for those who prefer purer visuals.
Grain is lowered and all lens effects (C.A, dirt, lens flares) are disabled.

The preset has been build with TAA, all maxed out settings for 1080p resolution
using Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth.

First uninstall any previous preset you may have installed before. (dlls, folders and files)
You shouldn't have to overwrite something when installing Psy-Fi.

I:   Paste all the content from the "Psy-Fi" folder into your Fallout 4 main folder, where the game's .exe are.
II:  Paste d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from Enb 0.307 into the Fallout 4 main folder, where the game's .exe are.
III: Optional, paste all the content from the "Psy-Fi Clean Look" folder into your Fallout 4 main folder and overwrite.
IV: Recommended, Download and install NAC.
That's it and you're good to go.
Enjoy the ride.

Using ReShade 2.0 by the usual suspects :
Ceejay, Crossire, McFly, Genossa
Enb v0.307 by Boris Vorontsov, modular shader library by JawZ

"This Fallout 4 preset is awesome, the best of the world in the galaxy !" J.J Abrams-2016
"Beautiful colors !" Stevie Wonder-2016
"Psy-Fi broke my PC." Chuck Norris-2016