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A collection of mods and ends.

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R2K's Gameplay Mods[/size]
A collection of mods and ends.

★ About ★

I make a lot of mods! Some mods are simple or small enough that they don't warrant their own mod page, but might still be useful. This page collects them.

★ Contents Page ★

To quickly locate one of the listed mods, search for the number in square brackets.

[0001] - QuickSwap
[0002] - FastPipboy
[0003] - VATSMove
[0004] - Helmet Toggle

[size=12]Weapon QuickSwap[/size]
Fast-switch to previous.

--- [0001] ---

★ About ★

Simulates a primary/secondary weapon system in Fallout 4 with a one-tap weapon swap key.

No set-up is required. When activated, your last equipped weapon is recalled.

★ Details ★

QuickSwap also allows you to specify constraints for swapping between weapon types. Ranged/melee is a useful combination for swapping between your last used ranged and melee weapon. You can also use ranged/ranged if you want to recall only ranged weapons, or melee/melee if you specialize in close-combat.

★ Usage ★

Use the MCM menu to assign a desired key to the QuickSwap action. Suggested: X or Z.

If desired, specify specific weapon types (ranged/melee) that you want to switch to.

If you are using a controller or prefer to have QuickSwap on a favorites hotkey, assign the QuickSwap aid item to your desired favorites slot and activate the item to quickswap weapons.

★ Requirements ★

Mod Configuration Menu
Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) v0.4.2 or higher

★ Limitations ★

Weapon variants of the same base weapon (i.e. mods) cannot be recalled separately - they have the same ID and are regarded as the same item.
For instance, a laser rifle and a laser sniper rifle are both the same base object and cannot be swapped with each other via QuickSwap.
Unfortunately, this is because Bethesda introduced weapon mods in Fallout 4 without providing the necessary mod support to distinguish between weapons with different mods!

Pipboy activation sped up.

--- [0002] ---

★ About ★

Raising your Pip-Boy is way too slow! In the middle of battle, using the Pip-Boy to switch out equipment is already unimmersive, but the SS leisurely bringing up the Pip-Boy just tips the whole thing over the edge. In vanilla, the raise-Pip-Boy animation is 0.9s long. That's almost one whole second.

This is an animation mod that halves that time so that you can get to the useful bits faster.

★ Compatibility Information ★

This mod replaces pipboyUp.hkx.

★ Tools Used ★

hkxpack for unpacking animations.

Allows you to move during VATS cinematics.

--- [0003] ---

★ About ★

VATS no longer has to crimp your style.

VATS traditionally takes control away from you and keeps you rooted in a spot. This lets you move freely while you are executing attacks in VATS.

This is a simple mod that sets bVATSMovementEvents in the VATS section to 1! If you're savvy, you can make this change yourself.

★ Another GIF ★

Helmet Toggle[/size]

--- [0004] ---

★ About ★

Assign a hotkey via the MCM menu and activate it to - you guessed it - toggle your headgear on and off. Compatible with any piece of headgear and also Power Armor helms.

★ Installation ★

Install with your preferred mod manager, or copy the files in the download to your Fallout 4 Data folder for a manual install.

★ Requirements ★

Mod Configuration Menu

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