Custom Lipgloss by Wast1980
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Added: 27/08/2016 - 01:50PM
Updated: 27/08/2016 - 01:49PM

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Uploaded by Wast1980


Last updated at 13:49, 27 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 13:50, 27 Aug 2016


This texture will change the appearance of the lipgloss in game. 

I didn't like the overall smeared look of the vanilla gloss, so I "reduced" it to small highlights.

With custom face textures in mind I blurred the edges so the transition from non-gloss to gloss is more smooth/natural
(this way the gloss will not look like a second lipstick applied all over the lips, check the screenshot).


You can install the texture with the ModManager or manually by dropping the texture folder of the archive into your Fallout4 data folder.


Uninstall the texture with the ModManager or manually delete the file from your data folder (check the archive for the folder path and filename).

Have fun!