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A new settlement behind Sanctuary. Four new outfits. New settlement menu items and updated camp sites throughout the Commonwealth.

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  This started off as one outfit and a small spot to find it at, and quickly morphed into much more! That spot has turned into the camp site/settlement you see above. I've also gone and added a few of those assets to camp sites around the Commonwealth, with more to come in future updates! There are also four outfits with various different color options that can be changed on the fly at a Armor Station. New settlement items found in the WoodStructures/Miscellaneous section that include Tarps, Tree's and Tents, and a replacement for the patio chair that changes it into a folding Lawn Chair.

***Quick note on the settlement-At the moment the settlement, currently titled "Survivalist Camp SIte" does not show up in the settlement masterlist on the pipboy. If anyone know's how to correct this could you please PM me. Cheerz and thanks in advance!

Looking forward, updates will include more color options, more camp sites and more settlement items, and of course tweaks and refinement. I also hope to create a "mega mod" and merge this mod with my two others, Commonwealth Survivalist GearSurvivalist Go-Bags, so that all the gear can be found in containers in and around the settlement site.



4 OUTFITS-Found in the Dilapidated Tent. Craft-able at the Chem Station, Material Swaps, Ballistic         Weave and Misc. Mods at the Armor Station. Male and Female.
 -Commonwealth Camping Hoodie & Vest-The Hoodie has 4 color options CLASSIC GREY, RED, GREEN and BLACK and the Bubble Vest
     comes with 6 color options  ORANGE, GREEN, CAMO, BLACK, LEATHER and PURPLE for all the Twitch stars. The Hood also has an invisible option
     in case it clip's with any head gear you want to use.

 -Commonwealth Camping Plaid Shirt & Vest-The Shirt has 5 color options GREEN, BROWN, RED, GRAY AND YELLOW and the Bubble
     Vest again comes with 6 color options  ORANGE, GREEN, CAMO, BLACK, LEATHER and PURPLE

 -Commonwealth Camping Heavy Jacket

 -Commonwealth Camping Shirt & Suspenders-3 different shirt colors

 -Commonwealth Camping Cap & Gloves-Retextured and renamed touque and gloves

SETTLEMENT ITEMS-Camo netting Raider tents, Garbage Bag pile's, Multiple color static Dome and Pup tents, Pup tent Beds, assorted tree's. New Patio Chairs!

CAMP SITES-New small settlement behind Sanctuary. Updated various Camp sites around the                     Commonwealth. Updated locations are Hydro Tower north of Abernathy Farm, small camp south-west of Sanctuary, Hydro tower by Goreski cabin, parking lot south of Concord, camp by Drumlin Diner. More to come in future updates!



Made with-

A number of models and textures are from outside sources and I take no credit for their creations.  
Otherwise everything else is from FO4.

Those sources are-

Tree conifer 1( 
Fireman axe - low poly(
Camping Tent(
Rambo Knife(
Pump Action Shotgun(
Colt 3d Model(
Aluminum or steel Folding Chair(
Rubbish 3d Model(

    I hope their addition is okay, if not, PLEASE let me know ASAP and i will amend this and remove them ASAP.


                               Remember to check out my other mods on my page.  I hope you like em! Cheerz!