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This mod allows you to repair an old pre-war motorcycle and use it for fast travel. It comes with built in storage, unlockable upgrades, camping equipment and 26 different color options (9 clean and 9 dirty and 8 Rusty).

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What it does

This mod was created as an alternative way of fast travelling and as an alternative to my APC transport mod for people who prefer a motorcycle. It is mainly intended for survival mode but can also be used for any other difficulty. The motorcycle comes standard with some built in storage but there are upgrades available such as a portable campsite, cupholder, an upgrade to halve fuel consumption ,and a bobblehead fender ornament which allows you to repair breakdowns once every 2 hours real time.

You will find the motorcycle at the robotics disposal yard in the little building. Before you can use it you'll have to repair it (after you repair it, it will be moved outside). Once you've repaired it you can travel to any of the currently 38 locations you have discovered.
The far harbor expansion adds an additional 13 locations.
The nuka world expansion adds an additional 12 locations


  • Alternative way of fast travel.
  • Upgrades for your motorcycle (5 for now: campsite, a cupholder, bobblehead fender ornament, reinforced suspension, and an upgrade to increase fuel efficiency). Find the blueprints at the robotics disposal yard and create the upgrades at the motorcycle workbench.
  • The bobblehead upgrade allows you to repair any faults with the motorcycle once every 2 real time hours (configurable in the settings holotape).
  • The campsite upgrade adds camping equipment to your motorcycle and allows you to set up camp at your motorcycle.
  • The cupholder upgrade is just a cupholder (comes with a free beer).
  • the fuel efficiency upgrade halves the amount of fuel used per trip.
  • 38 locations for fast travel.
  • V1.5.0 Adds an optional expansion for far harbor with an additional 13 locations (12 in far harbor and the Nakano residence).
  • V1.6.0 Adds an optional expansion for nuka world with an additional 12
  • locations (11 in nuka world and the nuka world transit center).
  • Custom workbench at the robotics disposal yard for crafting the upgrades.
  • Customizable options: at the first load the mod will add a settings holotape witch allows you to set how locations become available, how much fuel is used per trip, maintenance intervals and much more. should you lose the holotape a new one can be crafted at the motorcycle workbench at the robotics disposal yard.
  • Uses oil for fuel by default 2 per trip (configurable in the settings). Most items containing liquid oil can be emptied in the fuel can. You will however loose the other components. so it's better to be prepared and bring just oil.
  • Maintenance: over time the motorcycle will need some maintenance to keep it going (repairing flat tires and broken engines). Can be configured or disabled in the settings.
  • Map marker so you won't forget where you've parked.
  • A working motorcycle will draw attention so you can get attacked when arriving somewhere. (Can be configured or disabled in the settings.)
  • 26 different color options to choose from (9 clean and 9 dirty versions 8 Rusty versions provided by Ja1ine). For now you have to pick a color at install but when F4SE gets the required functions I'll try to make it possible to change them in game.
  • When the motorcycle is parked at a city or settlement (configurable in the settings) you can use your pip boy's radio to have a settler bring the motorcycle to one of the locations.
  • V1.2.0 New upgrade: Reinforced suspension will allow you to use the motorcycle wilst wearing power armor.
  • V1.3.0 added activation sounds. If they start tot get anoying you can turn them of in the holotape.
  • V1.6.2 You can now build the motorcycle workbench at any of your settlements after you've repaired the motorcycle. (located under crafting)
  • V1.7.0 There are now 4 different fuel types to choose from, use the holotape or the motorycle workbench.
  • V1.7.4 Adds an autosave on travel option to the settings holotape (disabled by default) can only be enabled in survival mode.

Locations so far                                                              Far harbor locations:

                                                 Nuka World:
Yellow = Settlments
Blue = Cities
Orange = Other
White = not done

Users guide to the settings menu


Use NMM and choose the options in the fomod installer

Move the contents of the Main Files folder in your data folder. If you want another color, move the contents of the corresponding folder to your data folder only one color can be installed at at time for now.
If you're interested in making your own mods and want to take a look at the scripts. The source scripts are in the Source Scripts folder. Feel free to use them however you want just give credit if you do.

For every new version I will add a pinned post to the top of the comments detailing if you need a clean install or not.
If after an upgrade something doesen't work correctly try a clean install.
If you have the main mod installed and want to install one or both of the expansions you need to make a clean save first otherwise none of the added locations will work.


The mod is compatible with spring cleaning but you have to install the Spring cleaning compatibility patch and load it's esp after this mod's esp.

APC transport: this mod alters a few cells that also get altered by my APC transport mod but until now I haven't noticed any issues. If you do notice any It's probably better to use just one of the 2. But please report the issue so I can check if I can fix it.

Mods that alter the vanilla settlement borders could conflict because the motorcycles where placed outside of the vanilla settlement borders.


Bethesda for fallout 4 and the creation kit
Gopher for mod vault #34
Ja1ine for the rusty color options.


I left the source scripts in the archive for anyone to use. you're allowed to use these in any way you like just give credit if you do.
I will at some point upload this mod to bethesda.net for console users but first I want to make sure everything works as intended and fix any bugs. The mod is up for console Here Lone Wanderer Fast Travel [XBOX 1] The color options won't be available for console because I am not going to make 20 seperate mod pages for this. If bethesda at some point allows optional downloads on the same page i'll add them.
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permitted to upload this mod anywhere.