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Take Notice! Not Human put on Assaultron PowerArmor. Assaultron put on Power Armor Parts. Sorry

REQUIRE:DLC01 Automatron

DLC Edition More REQUIRE:DLC03 Far Harbor and DLC04 Constraptions Workshop

Desc: This Mod Adds Powerarmor Parts For Assaultron

Can make All Vanilla Parts at Robotworkbench. All parts are Same Efficiency. Strong but High Cost, Need Perk Armorer rank4,Science rank4

Can Change Color, All Vanilla Color Supports, DLC Color for DLC Edition only

Faction Color Breakdown: T-45 Minuteman, T-51 Railroad, T-60 Atomcats, X-01 Institute

X-01 Torso and Arm Parts are Two Variation Shoulder

Body and Leg,Head. Use exclusiviy Base Parts. PA Torso, PA Leg, PA Head. Sorry

Q:Raider Armor Can Color Change?


Q:Where is Fusion Core?

A:Not Need Fusion Core. Assaultron Is Moving By Oneself

Q:Isn't there Hand Parts? Fist?

A:Sorry, Hand Parts is Difficult by my Tech. Please make someone

Q:Arm Parts is Odd and crude

A:Sorry, angle Adjustment is Difficult, But When moving, not so interested

Q:Isn't there BOS Decal?

A:BOS Emblem Show The Class Grade. Robot Do not Have Class


A:didn't become better, so it wasn't made.

Q:Assaultron? I like Protectron better Than Assaultoron

A:Protectron Is Perfect Design and Very Cute. There is no room I twiddle

Q:Shouldn't charge Companions with PowerArmor? Is there this Mod need?

A:well... It may be so(No Mercy).



BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Nif Skope