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Adds a low-tech geiger counter for Fallout 2287 Gas Masks of the Wasteland

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UPDATE:  Updated to be compatible with Gas Masks of the Wasteland V1.04.5

This is a simple utility mod I made for Fallout 2287, Gas Masks of the Wasteland.  It adds a geiger counter, which can be found in the Survival Containers.  Once added to your inventory, you can assign it to a hotkey.  It displays the current radiation outside.  Useful if you are wearing a mask and want to know if its safe to take the mask off.  Or if you just want to play around and watch how the radiation changes with weather, or see if its increasing or decreasing, etc.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work indoors and I don't know how to make it work indoors.

Note: During rain, the actual radiation received will typically be higher than what the geiger counter shows, as much as 2x higher.  During rad storms, it will be somewhat lower.  That's because of the way the algorithm tries to simulate wind and rain and vary the amount of radiation received.  Think of it as a "baseline" radiation reading around which the actual radiation sort of fluctuates.

Requires: Fallout 2287, Gas Masks of the Wasteland, weather only, version 1.04.5

Installation:  Use your favorite mod manager.  Load after Gas Masks of the Wasteland, weather only version. 1.04.5