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That's right!

"two-point-oh" That just feels good to say!

I didn't want this to be another tiny dinky update so I've done something special for this one!

I have made not one, but two new outfits that are premiering in the TDLFAP, the fallout 3 style recon armor, and the wasteland savior outfit, which may/may not be based on Negan from the walking dead. In addition I have included new ways to acquire most of the armors.

I also added the option for ballistic weave to all outfits

The merc armors can be found on gunners, the harness & undershirt and road warrior armor can be found on raiders, and there are some containers for the following:

The Chinese jumpsuit and Chinese Veteran Outifts can be found in a toolbox on the Yangtze.

The Recon Armor is found in an ammo box in a cage in Fort Hagen.

The Gunner Colonel outfit can be found in a duffel bag on the second floor in gunner plaza.

The Wasteland Savior Outfit is found in an ammo box in Railroad HQ.

And the concept synth uniform is found in the SRB in the Institute.

The Greaser outfit, Denver dog, and enclave colonel outfit are still crafted at a chem bench, I'm gonna place them in the world in a later update

If you really don't want to look around for them, there's always the console.

Check out my other mods in my profile!

"Holy shit my heart is starting to hurt from carrying all these outfits Jesus Christ." -John Cassidy, moments before he died of a heart attack caused by drugs and not exhaustion.