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Working settlements at all the commonwealth Red Rocket stations!

Permissions and credits
Want the ability to have a small settlement at each of the Red Rocket stations throughout the Commonwealth? I know I did. Now we can.

Automatron only version available in the optional files. My Thanksgiving gift to those who have waited so patiently!

I recommend you build inside the green borders I have provided for you. You don't have to, and I'm not your mom. Don't PM me you want bigger build areas beyond these or that you built so big that monsters spawn inside your walls. Don't block roads if you want your provisioners and T4 traders to continue pathing down them. Don't PM me if you use Don't Call Me Settler.

UPDATING: Some things are baked right into your saved games. If you have already been to a location, things may be there/not be present despite what the mod states.

If you upgrade any versions before 0.9.5 to any versions after 0.9.5, legacy code changes will break all the things and cause crashes.

Heya, changes are in the change log. That's why we have change logs. It's like, got it's own tab and everything. I tend to write out my changes as I make them. Playtesting  may occur after the change log is posted. Don't Panic! Grab your towel. It will be here soon.

  • Completely settlement functional (Completed)
  • Minimal alterations (Completed)
  • Clean up the place! Scrap mods not needed (Completed)
  • Working Red Rocket sliding doors (Completed)
  • Cooking stations for survivalists (Completed)
  • No modification of Sanctuary Red Rocket station (too many great mods already do this!)
  • Cleaned with FO4Edit v3.1.3 (Completed)
  • Suggestion implementation
  • Better implementation of build area borders (completed)
  • Compatibility

If you think you have found a bug, please use the bug reports, that's why they have a tab, and they have useful tracking tools. There is a private option if you think it may be unique to you, or do not want it to be read by everyone. I am not afraid of bug reports, or bugs themselves, and do not hide them or blindly delete them.

For any of you who actually have time to play: I would love to see some more images!

Thanks for all the images! They look great! Seriously, your creativity astounds. Thank you!

Red Rocket Station status
  • South Boston
  • Quincy
  • Natick
  • Nahant
  • Lexington
  • Kendall
  • Fort Hagen
  • Cambridge
  • Boston
  • Glowing Sea - interior includes (non settlement) workshop, if you look closely, you can rob power from one of the open wall panels
  • National Park
  • Far Harbor
  • South West Harbor
  • Atom Cats Garage
  • Quick-Fill & Red Rocket Express (in optional file)
  • Nuka World ---I will not be adding the Nuka World RR to this pack. It has it's own different rules, which are fun in it's own way.

Green: Functioning as expected,  Yellow: Possible errors, being looked into,  Red: Bug identified, working on update, Orange, Not implemented, possibly incoming

*** "I've waited 5 whole days, and no settlers have show up!" - This can happen, even in vanilla. Is the settlement happiness at 50? If yes, save your game, quit to desktop. Oftentimes a load from there will have settlers spawn immediately. Happiness is 0 or 20? Something went wrong. Load a game before triggering the work shop and try again. Still not happiness 50? Keep that save and file a bug report. ***

Tarsis31's mods -all DLC mostly required
Red Rocket Settlements
Bridgeport Settlement With JKalts
WRVR Broadcast Center Settlement With Antak
Mass Fusion Containment Settlement
University Point Settlement, Season Pass Edition Inspired by Mysterius
Breakheart Banks Settlement, Season Pass Edition
General Atomics Galleria Settlement With Eric5949
Lakeside Cabin Redux
Reeb Marina
Bradberton Overpass Settlement - Nuka World Proof of Concept
Mystic Pines Settlement Home
Murkwater Farm - with Turfyleek93

Other modder's settlement mods for consideration that I particularly enjoy:

Settlemods Collection - m0ds1984 has a compatibility version in optional downloads now! Go get it!
Open Stands Settlement
Charlie's Large Barge Settlement

Red Rocket Specific Mods   Make em ALL look nice!
Repaired Red Rocket
Red Rocket Fresh Paint
Red Rockets' Glare REDONE
Unique NPCs Compatibility Patch

Special thanks to:

m0ds1984 for his Settlemods Collection and answering questions
BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah For his settlement creation guide and Open Stands Settlement (frequently referenced)
speedynl who has been known to pop in and throw a quick answer in many forum questions, and questions of my own. This dude Is a hero!
Old Nick FO4Edit advice You just can't have too much free GOOD advice
mattsahuman his Red Rocket Safehouses was my inspiration to learn to mod Fallout 4

My playtesters! Consistent in-depth feedback has been very important. It's like asking them to work while they game. I really appreciate it.

JKalts <--- more of a partner in crime than a playtester at this point

Thanks you guys!

Please folks, if you like my mod, please go to theirs and give them an endorse, a kudo, a thank you! I think they do this for the self satisfaction of it, but a little reminder surely won't hurt. My first ever attempt to publish a mod, a lot to learn, and a hell of a lot more respect for those mod pages I've visited in the past. Wow you guys and gals.....

Got time but can't play? Go see Gopher's Youtube Channel Excellent modding info. His "Let's Play" of New Vegas is hilarious!

SalJam Interchange - This one does not play well with any other settlement mods
Red Rocket Safehouses - This alters the same cells. So yeah. I don't know why you would think they ever would be compatable.

SEMI-COMPATIBLE MODS (These should work together if you manually keep RRS below them in the load order.)
Beantown Interiors
Scrap Mods such as Scrap Everything