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Replaces mirelurks in the game for those with phobias.

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NOTE: Does not affect Far Harbour.  Currently working on separate mod for DLC. 

A mod to replace mirelurks for those who want to play the game but suffer from related phobias.  

The following changes were made:  

Mirelurk-> Shore Patrol Bot (Protectron) 
Mirelurk Hunter -> Border Patrol Bot (Sentry Bot)
Mirelurk King -> CWCG Patrol Bot (Assaultron)
Mirelurk Queen -> Sea Lord (Liberty Prime - Nuke Launcher Disabled)  
Mirelurk Hatchlings -> Cuckoo Rat (Molerat)

Only the meshes, textures and voices were changed.  They still drop the same things the original creatures did (You can get bloatfly meat from the relevant eyebot).   

Author's Note:  Due to the lack of ambush mechanic, things can look a bit messy.  The best place to see this is on Spectacle Island where you can clearly see all the bots standing and waiting.  The Assaultrons do patrol, but that is it.  Also, I left the Mirelurk King's attack in as it seemed to match the Assaultron's laser. 

Known Issues:  

* Sea Lord doesn't always collapse and isn't lootable.
* Robots won't emerge from ground on Ambush and are clearly visible and stationary.    
* Doesn't affect Far Harbour. 

Change Log:  

Version 0.1 - 

* Initial version.

Version 0.2 - 

* Replaced Mirelurk Hatchlings.

Version 0.3 - 

* Removed references to Far Harbour