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The "Wasteland Walmart".

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Please forgive my NPCs for being clumsy and stupid.. Hands down this mod is the most difficult and most tiring mod I've ever created I almost gave up but I'm a very stubborn creature and so here it is: an update~

But first, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who's been supporting me all this time! Thank you for the pictures and the videos and especially the endorsements and the kudos. Thank you!

The Common Wealth Store adds a store that's open 24 hours outside Sanctuary, right in front of the Red Rocket Station where you can find the following:

> Fred/Briala Guns - All weapons, ammo, and weapon mods
> Tom/Natalia Armor - All armors and armor mods
> Serah/Brian Clothes - All clothes and accessories like fashionable sunglasses
> Mike/Tara Diner - All uncooked foods like carrots
> Lisa/Terence Diner - All beverages and cooked foods like noodles
> Alice/Mikaelo Books - All books, magazines and toys
> Frimelda/Pete Meds - All chems
> Dan/Julia Misc - All scrap and miscellaneous items like wonder glue, military grade duct tape, paint, vase, etc
> Dr. Lucille/Dr. Grey - Doctor

> Free bed (Player owned)
> Power Armor Station
> Cooking Station
> Chem Station
> Armor Station
> Weapon Station

- Please note that some quest items can (might) also be bought from them so it's your own choice if you'll buy it from them or follow the quest line
- All items from all DLCs aren't included because I don't have any of the DLCs yet. Sorry I'm broke af
- Face surgeon and hair salon will be added in the future. Once I finally get to make it work. Inn keeper will be added too once i also figured out how to make the dialogues work; so currently the bed is player owned and free.


> Added 8 more vendors and 1 more doctor so that the original "employees" will have time to rest.

> Assigned a uniform.

> Added shoppers with different schedules.

> Everyone now acts like normal humans, not just standing there doing nothing.

> 80% of the displays are turned into static. I can't turn all weapons into static because each part of it has different models, and so I'll have to make a static version of each part and assemble them manually.. 

v1.1 NOTES:

- If some departments have no merchant looking after it, it is either because the merchants are late or absent. If they're late, you can wait or sleep for at least an hour and they'll be there when you wake up. If they're absent, you can check on them at their house and see why the hell are they not working. But this only happened to me right after installing the updated mod, which means they're probably just trying to get used to their new schedules. 

- My NPCs aren't perfect. I swear I've done everything to make them so, but I just can't. Sometimes when another NPC is standing on their destination/path, they'd stop and stay at the spot they're currently standing on until it's time for them to work again. This actually doesn't affect the mod because they only do that outside the store, on their way home.

- Some of them would work overtime. They probably needed the extra caps so I hope seeing two vendors in the hardware department won't take away the immersion from your game.

- Some of the shoppers would sit on the floor like kids. Please just understand that some humans are childish..

- If you're wondering how they change posts, this is how they do it:

- In the game you'll probably notice that they won't go directly to their posts, but rather would first stand in front of the diner. They do it because they need to record their time-in.

- If you're wondering where they go after work and what they do, here they are:

- Again, if you experience a game breaking bug please report it to me and I'll cry with you.

- If any of my mods have changed your lives forever please don't forget to endorse; if my mods ruined your life feel free to call me retard or rubbish or cancer in the modding community.


Use NMM or drag and drop to \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4.


Use NMM or delete the files "Common Wealth Store.esp" from \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data and "000CommonWealth.BGSM" from \Data\Materials\SetDressing\Signage

VIDEOS (Thank you so much! I really appreciate these! ^-^)

By JR Mods

By theDeluxeSam

By JimmyGatz

By VLRMHebdo