Fallout 4
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I bloody made this ya twit

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First C# program I've made. Allows ya tae resize the .dds files en masse, like how we used ta with Optimizer Textures (Ordenador). Nowhere near as robust, mind, but meh.

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Me first proper stint into C# sorta yielded this doohickey. Right pain in the arse too; shoulda stuck with pascal but I didn't, so I'll have ta cope with this Microsoft-induced migraine.

Anyhow, 'tis a super simple program with fuck all error checking, so if you're bein' a complete tit and do dumb stuff, don't come cryin' if the thingy makes a sound-ish noise an' tells ya ta screw a corgi. Supposedly, this will work fer .Net 4.0 and .Net 4.5. Dinnae ken about that stuff, dinnae care because effort.

RIght. Wee guide o' operations:

Put the source path o' the textures in the "Source Dir" text box. Program will nab all the directories 'n' maintain the folder structure when copyin' 'em over.

Fer best results, choose yer folder that's two folders up frae yer .dds images (i.e, "Fallout 4\Data", not "Fallout 4\Data\Textures")

Tick the boxes in the "Old Resolution" group, ta specify the resolutions ya want ta find.

Tick the boxes in the "New Resolution" fer informin' me proggy what ya want ta resize stuff tae.

Chuck in a destination path in the, well, "Destination Path" text box. Has ta be different frae yer source path, mind.

Click "Begin".

Go for a couple wanks.

Et voila.

Source code: https://github.com/MajinCry/Fallout-4-Texture-Resizer