Fallout 4
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NEW FEATURE Player can read notes from containers and corpses.
Add EAT/DRINK/USE choices that let you grab the item and eat/drink/Use in real time without picking up and opening the inventory

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Grab and Eat v1.5

Eat/Drink/Use/Equip/Read ALL-IN-ONE
Note: There are some issues with the new feature in v1.5 although many users reported it works just fine. if you encounter any bug, you can download old version v1.0 excluding notes reading feature.

if you really want that feature, you can download standalone version Read notes from Corpses and Containers: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18077?

v1.5 is now available to download!


  • New feature: Player can read notes from containers/corpses
  • Clean some code 


Imagine you have built a lovely house and spent hundreds of days and nights furnishing it. After saving another settlement for Preston Garvey, you feel tired and hungry. Now you are home. Seeing Brahmin steaks you have carefully positioned on plates makes you happy. Then you put all those freshly cooked steaks into your filthy pocket and eat some Bloatfly meat cause it's easier to find in your inventory. Wait... WAIT! Why couldn't you grab that Brahmin steak and eat instead of putting it away? It looks like our Sole Survivor, who can hack Master terminals and robots can't figure out how to eat out of the plate!

This mod solve the problem for our Sole Survivor. It adds EAT/DRINK/USE/EQUIP buttons that let you grab the item and eat/drink/use/equip in real time. No need to pick it up and open the inventory. With this mod, you can grab some food and eat, grab some chems and get high and grab your shotgun to shoot trespassers in the face!

I am new to the modding and have so much to learn. This is my very first mod and I put a lot of days into making it. Glad to see it finally works as it should.

If you encounter any bug or have some suggestions please let me know.


 For new users

  • Extract the files.
  • Put two *.pex files into data/scripts and esp into data folder

   or use NMM to install.

 For v1.0 or below

    after installing, open the console and input "cqf GrabAndEat reset" (no quote marks, case sensitive)


    open the console and input "cqf GrabAndEat uninstall" (no quote marks, case sensitive) before uninstalling


It should be compatible with other mods.


Notes Reading

Fallout 4 Mini Mods #7: 10 Small Mods Worth Checking Out by JR Mods


Thanks SlippGuy for his amazing mod showcase! (mod at 0:54)

Future Plan:

Grab and Drink

Grab and Use

Grab and Equip

Find a way to let player play holotapes from containers and corpses. Any help would be appreciated.