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This radio station mod adds a completely up-to-date Galaxy News Radio to the Commonwealth. The immersive radio station features Fallout befitting music from Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. News segments feature the events of the base game and also events from the major DLCs.

Permissions and credits
Note: this mod is no longer supported. A new, overhauled version that is still supported can be found here:
Galaxy News Radio V2.0 (Radio and Dungeon)

Galaxy News Radio (Fully Voiced and Very Immersive New Radio Station)

Dear people of the Commonwealth,

Galaxy News Radio has made its way to the Commonwealth. The founder of GNR (Three-Dog) has entrusted me, Cerberus, to host this Commonwealth edition of Galaxy News Radio. As always, we are true to our motto, so we’ll be bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts.

Unlike that other radio station in the Commonwealth, our playlist is vast and our news is very much up-to-date. Believe me when I say that you do not want to miss our program.

Since we are all trying to survive in this harsh and cruel world, we are sure that you can appreciate the tips and tricks we’ll be broadcasting in our Public Service Announcements.

Thank you very much for your time and don’t forget to keep listening to Galaxy News Radio,


This radio station mod adds a completely up-to-date Galaxy News Radio to the Commonwealth. The immersive radio station features Fallout befitting music from Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. News segments feature the events of the base game and also events from several DLC (Automaton, Far Harbor, Vault-Tec Workshop and Nuka-World). 

There are public service announcements and sponsor segments as well. In total there are 71 pieces of music (56 songs, 15 instrumental songs), 56 news segments (with different texts depending on the player’s choices). Compare that to Diamond City’s 42 songs and 41 news segments, which do not cover the DLC. Galaxy News Radio boasts 11 different sponsor messages and 15 interesting public service announcements and many different introductions to all different parts of the program. In total, the mod currently totals over an hour of speech, much more than that of Diamond City Radio.

Originally, more songs were planned to be added to the radio station, but due to international copyrights, this costs a lot of money. Therefore, adding additional songs can only be done at a later time, after enough money has been collected from donations. Note that you are under no  circumstance obliged to make a donation, but donations of any size will definitely help in making Galaxy News Radio an even greater radio station. I am thankful for all donations and special thankyous will be made to the most generous donors (thresholds at $50 and $100). This will be done through mentioning you (real name or pseudonym if provided in the donation) in an in-game donor list or even in the GNR broadcasts with the in-game sponsors.

The following link will allow you to donate

Please note, that the mod is already very enjoyable without additional songs.
Thank you for taking the time to read this all. If you encounter any bugs during gameplay, I would absolutely want to hear them, as I aim to make this mod as great as I can. This means that I also love to hear suggestions on how to improve or expand the mod even further.
Finally, I would definitely appreciate it if you would rate this mod.
Thank you for your time and attention,

NOTE: This mod is developed for Fallout 4 games with the Automaton, Far Harbor, Vault-Tec Workshop and Nuka-World DLCs, and is not compatible for games without those DLCs installed.
NOTE 2: This mod uses radio station number 90 and may conflict with other radio mods using the same radio station number.
If you encounter issues with other radio stations, please notify me.

Installation Instructions
The files:
Galaxy News Radio.esp
Galaxy News Radio – Main.BA2
Galaxy News Radio – Textures.BA2
Should be in your fallout 4/Data folder.
Then, the mod should be activated in-game in the main menu of the game.
Click on Mods in the main menu.
On the bottom of the next page, click on Load Order.
Activate Galaxy News Radio and you are all set.

In general, modding needs to be activated on your pc, this is done by following the instructions in this video:

This basically tells you to modify the fallout4Prefs.ini file by adding in the [Launcher] section:
And in the Fallout4Custom.ini:
That is all, you are set! Tune in to Galaxy News Radio on your Pipboy and enjoy the program!

Full list of content in the mod:

01-Tex Beneke – A Wonderful Guy
02-Betty Hutton – He’s a Demon, He’s a Devil, He’s a Doll
03-Betty Hutton – It’s a Man
04-Big Maybelle – Whole Lotta Shakin’
05-Billie Holiday – Crazy He Calls Me
06-Billie Holiday – Easy Living
07-Billy Ward and his Dominoes – Sixty Minute Man
08-Bing Crosby – Accentuate the Positive
09-Bing Crosby – Something’s Gotta Give
10-Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters – Pistol Packin’ Mama
11-Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats – Dear Hearts and Gentle People
12-Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats – Happy Times
13-Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats – Way Back Home
14-Cole Porter – Anything Goes
15-Connie Allen – Rocket 69
16-Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters – Civilization
17-Dean Martin – Ain’t That a Kick in the Head
18-Dion and the Belmonts – The Wanderer
19-Ella Fitzgerald – Undecided
20-Elton Britt – Uranium Fever
21-The Five Stars – Atom Bomb Baby
22-Frankie Carle – One More Tomorrow
23-Frank Sinatra – Blue Moon
24-Guy Mitchell – Heartaches by the Numbers
25-The Ink Spots – I Don’t Want to Set the World 0n Fire
26-The Ink Spots – It’s All Over but the Crying
27-The Ink Spots – It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie
28-The Ink Spots - Maybe
29-The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerals – Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
30-Jack Shaindlin – I’m Tickled Pink
31-Johnny Mercer – Personality
32-Katie Thompsons – I’m So Blue
33-Louis Jordan – Keep a Knocking
34-Magnolia – Baby It’s Just You
35-Magnolia – Good Neighbor
36-Magnolia – I’m the One You’re Looking for
37-Magnolia – Man Enough
38-Magnolia – Train Train
39-Marty Robbins – Big Iron
40-Nat King Cole – Love Me as Though There Were No Tomorrow
41-Nat King Cole – Orange Colored Sky
42-Peggy Lee – Why Don’t You Do Right
43-Pete Thomas – Sit and Dream
44-Ray Smith – Right behind You Baby
45-Roy Brown – Butcher Pete Part 1
46-Roy Brown – Butcher Pete Part 2
47-Roy Brown – Good Rocking Tonight
48-Roy Brown – Mighty Mighty Man
49-Sheldon Allman – Crawl Out Through the Fallout
50-Skeeter Davis – The End of the World
51-The Three Suns – Worry Worry Worry
52-Warren Smith – Uranium Rock
53-Wynomie Harris – Grandma Plays the Numbers
54-Louis Armstrong - A Kiss to Build a Dream on
55-Red Eye - Gimmie What You Got
56-Red Eye - One Last Score

Instrumental Tracks:
01-Allan Gray – Swing Doors
02-Bert Weedon – Happy Times
03-Bert Weedon – Lazy Day Blues
04-Bert Weedon – Roundhouse Rock
05-Billy Munn – Jazzy Interlude
06-Eddy Christiani and Frans Poptie – Rhythm for You
07-Gerhard Trede – American Swing
08-Gerhard Trede – Hallo Mister X
09-Gerhard Trede – Fox Boogie
10-Gerhard Trede – Jolly Days
11-Gerhard Trede – Jazz Blues
12-Harry Lubin – Sleepy Town Blues
13-Nino Nardini – Joe Cool
14-Sid Philips – Boogie Man
15-Nuka-World Instrumental Jingle

News Stories: 75+ stories

Public Service Announcements: 15 stories and 5 intros

Sponsors: 10+ sponsor messages

Song Intros: 1 for every non-instrumental song

Radio Intros: 15 radio intros

News Intros: 15 news intros and 10 more news intros

Note: Some music and messages need to be unlocked through playing the game. The Nuka-World music, for instance, only plays if the player completes the Nuka-World storyline, having killed the raiders.

Version Notes:
Version 2.0
4 New News Messages (Incl. 3 on Nuka-World)
4 New Songs (3 from Nuka-World if raiders dead)
GNR Eyebot Radio Transmitters
Craftable stereo and speakers tuned to GNR
Version 1.1
Added craft-able radios tuned to Galaxy News Radio. One clean, one worn. Both can be found in the Decorations-Miscellaneous tab.
Version 1.0
Initial release