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A cache of improved clones of vanilla weapons, hidden away by Nora before the Great War, now recovered to be put to use.

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Nora's Arsenal

By chuckdm

UPDATE: Fixed the description by adding actual bullet points and fixing 4 typos.  Sorry, this is about as fancy as this page will ever get.  Probably.

This mod is a collection of clones of vanilla weapons (and one armor) that have been modified to have improved stats.  They aren't quite "cheating" as far as I'm concerned, but yes, they can be extremely powerful.  Because they're just modified versions of vanilla items, they're 100% lore friendly.
You'll need to have Atomatron, Far Harbor, and AWKCR.  These are hard dependencies and missing any of them will CTD your game.  This mod includes 0 scripts and doesn't actually modify any vanilla weapons (the guns included are CLONES of vanilla weapons) but does change a few vanilla weapon mods.  Nevertheless, you can remove it at any time without causing any save file issues.  Probably.

The modifications are as follows:

  • Doubled base damage on all included weapons.  This isn't as much as it sounds.  The default combat knife, for example does 9 damage.  The clone in this mod does 18 damage.
  • Doubled Crit Damage Multiplier.  All weapons in this mod will do 4x damage on crit, instead of 2x.  This is where the mod actually does start to get a LITTLE OP, but keep in mind scoring crits outside of stealth or VATS is very unlikely in this game.  Speaking of which...
  • Lowers the VATS AP cost of all included weapons to 10AP.  The default values for these guns range from 25AP per attack to as high as 60AP.  THis means you're lucky to get off 3 shots in VATS on even a high-level character.  This seems extremely limiting to me.
  • I have increased the base magazine size of many weapons.  I will not pretend to remember them all.  None are infinite and you'll still have to reload them all eventually.
  • Minor exceptions to some of the above for specific guns.  See the list below.
  • All of the weapons that have both pistol and rifle versions (i.e. Laser Rifle / Laser Pistol) are actually the same gun in Fallout 4.  That is, they're the same gun even on a technical level.  Accordingly the "Tesla" and "Laser" and "Institute" below don't have Rifle or Pistol after them.
Here are the weapons that I cloned in this mod:

  • Nora's 10mm
  • Nora's Assault Rifle
  • Nora's Baton
  • Nora's Combat Rifle
  • Nora's Deliverer
  • Nora's Tesla
  • Nora's Assaultron Blade
  • Nora's Lever Action Rifle
  • Nora's Radium Rifle
  • Nora's Gattling Laser (Normal 2x crit damage mult, but only costs 5AP)
  • Nora's Gauss Rifle (Does the same 110 base ballistic damage as the normal Gauss Rifle, but does an additional 110 Energy damage too.)
  • Nora's Institute (Same as Gattling Laser)
  • Nora's Combat Rifle
  • Nora's Laser
  • Nora's Laser Musket (Base damage trippled instead of doubled, but only 3x crit mult instead of 4x)
  • Nora's Machete (Note: You can apply the Kremvh's Tooth mod - yes, it's actually a mod, not a standalone weapon - to this weapon for some insane damage.)
  • Nora's Minigun (Base damage trippled, AP cost lowered to 5, but no crit bonus)
  • Nora's Missile Launcher (Uses special "Nuka Missile" ammo that acts as a Fatman-style nuke but still flies like a missile.  Damage is the same as the vanilla Fatman)
  • Nora's Pipe Bolt-Action (4.5x crit damage mult)
  • Nora's Pipe (3.5x crit damage mult but only 5AP)
  • Nora's Pipe Revolver (4.5x crit damage mult)
  • Nora's Plasma
  • Nora's Railway Rifle (Tripple base damage but no crit bonus.  Also a massive magazine size and rate of fire boost to the Automatic Piston Receiver mod because it was so damn slow it just didn't feel automatic.)
  • Nora's Ripper (Tripple base damage and 5AP cost, but no crit bonus)
  • Nora's Submachine Gun
And the one Armor:

  • Nora's Vault 111 Jumpsuit - Increases resistances to 515 ballistic, 520 energy, 525 radiation.  You can now wear it the entire game and play sans-power armor with reasonably good protection.  This is also why the mod requires AWKCR - this vault suit can be ballistic weaved and such to give you even more protection.
Lastly, I changed several of the weapon mods (mostly stocks.)  For every grip/stock listed below, the changes are to simply remove almost all recoil and almost all gun sway when aiming.  Since AI accuracy is completely unaffected by these stats, these affects only apply to the player, even if they appear on enemy weapons.

  • 10mm Sharpshooter's Grip
  • 10mm Large Quick Eject Mag (Tripples ammo capacity instead of doubling it.  10mm is now a viable SMG!)
  • Assault Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock
  • Combat Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock
  • Deliverer Sharpshooter's Grip
  • Hunting Rifle Marksman's Stock
  • Institute Laser Pistol Standard Grip
  • Institute Laser Rifle Full Stock
  • Laser Rifle Marksman's Stock AND Recoil Compensating Stock
  • Laser Musket Full Stock
  • Baton Stun Pack (doubles energy damage added by the Stun Pack)
  • Plasma Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock
  • Railway Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock
  • Submachine Gun Recoil Compensating Stock
  • Lever Action Rifle Marksman's Stock
  • Radium Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock
To acquire any of these amazing weapons, simply open the console and type:

help "nora's" 4
player.additem xxxxxxxx 1

Where the xxxxxxxx is the ID of the weapon (or the armor) you want.  I have not added the Nuka Missiles as craftable ammo yet (you can add them via console the same way) but I do plan to, eventually.

One final note: I have not tested either of the Far Harbor weapons yet.  I am 90% certain that my changes to the Radium Rifle did not increase the radiation damage it deals.  I may or may not choose to update/fix this in the future.  Please don't bug me about it.  Consider it a "known issue" that might stay that way forever.