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  1. Lobuno
    • member
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    Another year passed, mod still broken. Gives gravel texture to mirelurks shell. It's a pity since texture itself is very good.
    1. flecked
      • supporter
      • 204 posts
      • 16 kudos
      Its not a bug, its a feature.
    2. kestrelhawk
      • premium
      • 2,400 posts
      • 27 kudos
      Hmm, mirelurks in my game have never had this texture, which is great, because I will never play without this.
  2. maxman885
    • member
    • 550 posts
    • 4 kudos
    I would absolutely love to see this become a series of retextures, i would use every one. By far one of the best retextures mate.
  3. ZeMantras
    • supporter
    • 90 posts
    • 35 kudos
    lovely retexture, looks great!
  4. HermanMODSTER
    • member
    • 150 posts
    • 2 kudos
    You did such a good job. Thanks for making the game look much better. Linked a youtube video for your mod.
  5. sxp2high
    • member
    • 36 posts
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    I'm using many texture mods, but this one is catching my attention again and again, I often find myself thinking "Wow, this gravel looks really great". Really well done! Big compliment!
  6. ThatSpartacusGuy
    • premium
    • 1,750 posts
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    Doodlezoid, I love this mod. I was wondering, could I use your gravel texture as an optional file for my Realistic Sanctuary Roads mod? All credits for the texture will go to you, of course, because I believe honesty and transparency is essential to a healthy modding community. I tried to send a PM but it said you could not receive messages. I thank you in advance for your consideration.
    1. Doodlezoid
      • supporter
      • 759 posts
      • 89 kudos
      Sorry, I'm gonna say no. Your mod aims to something, and does it. you can just link here
    2. ThatSpartacusGuy
      • premium
      • 1,750 posts
      • 73 kudos
      Fair enough, unfortunately the user would have to rename the files in order for your texture to work. Thank you for giving it a thought. I will just have to use your texture for my own personal use in my game only.
    3. Doodlezoid
      • supporter
      • 759 posts
      • 89 kudos
      Why would they need to rename them?
    4. Percephere
      • supporter
      • 999 posts
      • 22 kudos
      Probably for the sake of having more variations in textures, or just so as not to replace existing ones.
    5. ThatSpartacusGuy
      • premium
      • 1,750 posts
      • 73 kudos
      My mod replaces the textures of the vanilla Sanctuary Roads and sidewalks only. This is why I asked for your permission to use your texture. I would rename a copy of your texture file to match the file name of the vanilla Sanctuary Roads and then place them in the Sanctuary Roads folder. I have them in the Sanctuary of my own game now, and they look awesome and seamless.
    6. Doodlezoid
      • supporter
      • 759 posts
      • 89 kudos
      Set the material file to use a different location
    7. ThatSpartacusGuy
      • premium
      • 1,750 posts
      • 73 kudos
      That's brilliant, Doodlezoid, never thought about that route! I tracked down the 3 vanilla materials files I would need to edit. I am going to try this out now. If this works right for me, expect a little more traffic to this mod page as people follow the link I provide to your page so they can grab your textures.
  7. Apfelsator
    • member
    • 83 posts
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    first of, great retexture!
    i'm using it for quite a while now and i'm very happy with how the gravel looks.

    additionally, i don't know if that is on purpose with your mod or in the game itself but with this retexture i recently stumbled upon a mirelurk since i'm in the coastal are once again and i noticed the mirelurk having your gravel texture on the back.
    this surprised me because i never thought about of what the texture in the vanilla game was supposed to be because it is so, well, badly done.
    so is this on purpose by your side or the devs?

    anyway, added an image to the file so you all can see for yourself.
    • BANNED
    • 4,126 posts
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    Very nice, thank you!

    I'll stick with the 2K version. I seem to prefer that version to the 4K.
    1. Bandwidthbob
      • member
      • 547 posts
      • 11 kudos
      Thanks for the screenshots -- also prefer the 2K version.

      Doodlezoid -- great work, thank you!
    2. xylaz
      • supporter
      • 259 posts
      • 17 kudos
      Hey AWARHERO,
      sorry to say that, but your screenshots are misleading...
      There is lighting change between 2K and 4K shots. It happens, when screenshot is made too early after loading game. It's hard to notice here, but if you load your images into photoshop and compare, you will see it. 2K looks darker and sharper in your screens and that is not true. I'm just saying, don't be mad
      I uploaded my screen as proof (almost made the same mistake as you)

  9. Brandy_123
    • supporter
    • 3,487 posts
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    For concrete/gravel, these are simply stunning. What a difference this makes in the general appearance all around. It makes me want to get a skate board or roller blades just so I can fall down and kiss the pavement <3 <3 <3
  10. JimmyRJump
    • premium
    • 8,403 posts
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    Gotten 'that other' mod Thresh mentions. Since you're the original author, it's but fair I downed this one as well and gave due where needed...