Fallout 4
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Vault Suits for Dogmeat! All Vault numbers, and bonus sunglasses. Quick little mod for the lulz, the keks.

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Time to dress Dogmeat like an idiot!


OK not really any of that at all, but I wanted to experiment and see if I could very hastily make a Vault Suit for Dogmeat for the lulz, and here it is. Dogmeat will wear this under all equippable items, so you can still equip him with any collars, backpacks, goggles, armors, etc.  As a bonus I made him some new sunglasses.  These are the "mobster" vanilla Wayfarer-style sunglasses, and will work with whatever texture replacers you may or may not be using.  This was made pretty quick so pardon the lack of absurd detail I usually put into things.

You can craft his Vault Suits or sunglasses at the CHEM STATION under UTILITY (or AWKCR Bench) for every vault, including:

• Vault 75 • Vault 81
• Vault 88 • Vault 95
• Vault 101 • Vault 111
• Vault 114

NOTE: If you do not have the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC and craft the Vault 88 Suit, Dogmeat will have a big 'ol purple square on his back.
NOTE II: If you equip any of the Vault Suits on Workshop dogs, they will turn into German Shepherds.  So keep it on Dogmeat for now :)

I painted everything by hand, save for the leather cuffs I copied and adjusted from the vanilla armor, and did them pretty quick, so I'll probably refine them at some point.  Again, this is really just for fun.  Textures are 2K, I have a 4K sitting on my HD if anyone wants it as an optional file.

After this has been vetted, I'll be uploading it on Bethesda.net for PC / XBOX, why not.

It is pretty funny.  I almost feel kinda embarrassed for Dogmeat.

More real stuff coming soon.