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How to Setup and install Mod Organizer 2 for Fallout 4


I was having issues with my other Mod tool so I went looking around and found Mod Organizer 2 was out for Fallout 4, but, it had some issues.....I
I beat my head against the wall for a while trying to work out it's gremlins, as I remembered  the Joy of it when playing Skyrim,  I persisted......

Now I have Fallout 4 running Stable State with only a couple of very minor issues. (info on the Wiki)

I wrote the guide as I saw the same question in the forums over and over so here you go......

If you have tried MO2 and it's glitching, I have included conversions from your install to align it to the Guide as well. It's Easy........

Please post Install/Wiki related issues on the S.T.E.P Forum for that Guide : S.T.E.P Forum for Gernash/ModWiki


Download the dividers file
extract the contents into your Expanded MOD directory
Now you have Dividers as per the Wiki

>>>Instruction if using the Wiki<<<

The resources included here are for when you are following the guide and there is a Link for downloading a patch or other files to make your life easier.


Patches for MODWiki load order are in the download section.
Consider it Beta
If you find something not working in game drop me a note TA

Additional Information:

NOTE: You can right click on the Dividers and choose ignore missing Data then you can enable it so it becomes white.

Then can go into categories (Far left pane) and click <Checked>
All your active mods with Dividers appear in a nice list that you
You can now easily adjust/resolve overwrites,conflicts and active mod placement.


(And yes the dividers work for Mod Organizer v1.3.11)

And the StyleSheet in the PIC is >>HERE<<

How to Setup and install Mod Organizer 2 for Fallout 4