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Replaces insects and arachnids in the game for those with phobias.

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A mod to replace insects and arachnids for those who want to play the game but suffer from related phobias. 

The following changes were made: 

Radroaches -> Roach Hunters (Miniature Mr Handys)
Bloatflies -> Bug Hunter (Eyebots)
Bloodbugs -> Bug Hunter (Eyebots)
Stingwings -> Bug Hunter (Eyebots)
Radscorpions -> Onikuma (Yao Guai) 

Only the meshes, textures and voices were changed.  They still drop the same things the original creatures did (You can get bloatfly meat from the relevant eyebot). 

Known Issues:

* Radroaches/Molerats appear to be dead in certain areas, Sanctuary for instance.
* Radroach and Radscorpions don't emerge from the ground.
* Radroaches will run from you and not attack.   

Change Log: 

Version 0.1 -

* Initial version.

Version 0.2 -

*Changed weapon loadouts for Bug Hunters.

Version 0.4 -

*Changed RadRoaches to Miniature Mr Handys.