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Changed the page title as i am going to be adding several files to it.
This is a selection of my personally picked items that i added to the workshop for my personal use but also want to share with you all.

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So far...

1) Boston common's Bandstand

2) The  transit station at Swan's park

3) a collection  of  the  sanctuary road pieces (post  and prewar ) all  nav meshed BUT  do  not  snap intentionally  since  in  most  cases  they  are  used  on  uneven ground  and  will  need  a  placing  mod to  tilt  etc.
4) contained in  the road file  we  also  have  some  nice terrain parts like cliff  mounds (grass  and rock )
5) also in  this  file  is  the  prewar sanctuary bridge (nav meshed but  not  tested)
6)Updated  sanctuary road pieces plus to  V2 with some Capitol building pieces  that  are  without snap points  and  a  couple  dont  have  collision (  these  are  purely  dressing pieces  found  on  a  building next  to Swan's pond ) They  were  added  because  a  few   people  saw  them  in  one  of  my  builds .

7) Added another  gigantic  set  of  pieces  of  which  several  were  SCOL's (static collections) like  a whole church  for  example. You  will  be  surprised  at  some  of  the  things  in  this  new  file.
Again :  moat  of  this  stuff  is  "set dressing "  meaning  that  some  pieces  arent  "full" hence  they  are  one  sided  or   the  top  or  bottom  is  missing. The  church pieces (doors  windows) were  for  my  personal use  but  im  sharing  them  anyway  .

I  do  realize  that  some  of  you  prefer easily  snapping road parts  etc.  but  consider  that  you  will  only  be  using  these  in  the  initial start  of  your  build  and  then  will  be  forgotten .

As  all ways :  simply  drop  the  file  into  your  data  folder  and  youre  ready.

Note:  they dont  have  proper  menu  art (mostly blank) cause  i  havent  figured  out  how  to  add  any  yet  but  that  isnt  a  reason  to  hold  back  the  mod  .  ;)

Most items are found in wasteland workshop/concrete/misc or prefabs