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Adds the weapon "Concrete Sledgehammer" for all your skull-crushing needs!

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  • French

This will add a standalone melee weapon called "Concrete Sledgehammer" Inspired by the art of Serg Samsonov.
It should be a good fit for all your skull-crushing needs!
Update 1.1:
Added: Visible Weapons Support.

It shouldn't be to hard to find it, just head over to Mystic Pines and it should be leaning on a gravestone on the back of the building.
It can also be found on Enemies. You may need to wait/sleep 24+ hours to refresh the "loot lists".
(Note: This mod adds the gun to the leveled list trough script so it wont conflict with other mods.)

The cheating way.
If you can't be bothered to walk/fast travel to Mystic Pines you can use cheats to obtain the weapon. Open the console and type in the following: player.additem XX000FA3
(XX = the mod's # in your load order)

I've had the base model for this done for a while made as a portfolio piece, when I added the Crude Blowback to the game I looked over some of my previous works and though this might fit into the Fallout 4 universe well enough so I started working on some different weapon mods for it.
But mostly I made this as a learning experiment for me wanting to get more proficient with the Creation Kit and NifSkope.

--Click on the weapon to got to the mod page--


---Right-handed hunting rifle---