Fallout 4
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Replaces the meshes of all roofs and the player home in sanctuary to a repaired state along with cleaning up the interiors of the houses.

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Project: Sanctuary Hills - Repair and Cleanup
Author: thewickerman34
Current Version: 2.0

"For each of the entries in the Static category, add a property with the Actor Value as WorkshopStackableItem [AVIF:0000033D] and with a Value of 1.000000"
A potential fix for the issues this mod has.
~Submitted by user: mac2636

Will see about getting a fix esp.


Hot Files - 8/15/2016 - Thanks so much everyone!


This mod replaces the meshes for all of the roofs, car garages, and player home that are functioning withing Sanctuary Hills, this excludes those houses that have fallen into disrepair and are scrap-able in using the workshop. The new roofs with utilize the pre-war meshes and the post-war textures giving it a weathered look but allow the roofs to protect you and npcs from the weather of the wasteland. I'm uploading this so that if you want the player home to look damaged from the 200 years that have passed but still have functional roofs you can have it.
With version 2.0, this mod will clean up the interiors of all the functional homes by removing the leaves and dirt, leveling off the ground in some cases and editing the ground so that grass won't clip through. I've also edited the cells so that one can place doors in each of the homes doorways.



Fallout 4



8/8/2016 - Initial Release
8/10/2016 - Textures released for version 1.0
8/15/2016 - Version 2
8/15/2016 - Version 2.1 Small update fixed dirty edit, added missing chimney



Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 4.
Thanks to Ciprriano for 'The Sanctuary' mod


Tools Used:
Creation Kit