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Just a small little Vault-Tec office in Concord that has been taken over by Raiders.

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This is my very first mod, so please leave feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. I wanted to try the CK out, and decided to share the result here.

Just a small little Vault-Tec office in Concord that has been taken over by Raiders. When heading towards Concord from Red Rocket, turn left on the road where the dead Brahmin is. The Vault-Tec office is just on the left.
As I don't currently have the knowledge to script quests, I've done what I can to make the level less boring. Workbench, fully navmeshed, map marker, fast travel, medkits, and lootable items (10 ammo crates, 5 chests, 4 safes).

Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager, or manually download and extract into Fallout 4's Data folder [..Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout4\Data]

Fallout 4 base game

It should be compatible with everything. I've tested, and I'm hoping the entrance doesn't interfere with any other mods based in Concord. If it does, please let me know, and I'll do my best to move it.

Protectron sometimes doesn't initialise. (Needs to be disabled, then enabled again).
Companions might take up to a minute to appear in the Vault-Tec office.
If you're using Fort Ivicic, then you may see some spare tyres outside the Vault-Tec office front door.
If you're using Beantown Interiors Project, please load it after this or you may have occlusion issues.
Some things might look out of place if you're using mods like Clean Water, Illuminated Billboards, or Regrowth Overhaul.

RaffTheSweetling -- for teaching me literally everything I know about the CK, his time, tutorials, helpfulness, feedback and patience.
SigynX1 (and Steve the RadRoach) -- for testing, screenshots, feedback, and for going the extra mile. Much appreciated!
lokiX1 -- for testing, screenshots and feedback.
Ethreon -- for inadvertently persuading me to try out the CK for myself, and for valuable feedback.
fadingsignal, Mika999, ludvig08, Dennisbam23 -- for inspiring me with their incredible mods.
A very good friend at Bethesda for introducing me to Fallout 4.
Bethesda for making the game, and the Creation Kit.

Please let me know if there are any issues. And please back up your saves before installing any mod.

Note: Please do not re-upload or modify my mod without my express written permission.