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Adds two solar panels into fallout 4. Design to be clean quiet renewable energy.

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Mod Update: 

Version 1.2a:  Both generators now have snap points for easier placing and daisy-chaining together.  This version is backward compatible with save games that used Version 1.2.  The only changes are to the meshes.

Version 1.3.1

  • Both generators now have snap points. 
  • The power generated has been increased to 5 and 10.  
  • They have a small bonus to the settlement happiness (clean, free energy makes people happy, after all). 
  • They only require Science 1 perk. 
  • Construction costs were adjusted. 
  • This file is an ESP that behaves like an ESL, so it doesn't take up a plugin slot.
  • This version will require you to rebuild any existing solar generators you have in your saved games.  It will NOT break those saved games.  It can't, I promise.
  • I added some batteries to go with the Solar Generators.  They are optional, as in the generators still work just fine without them.  But the batteries add a little décor and realism to the solar panels.  Each battery adds 1 more power and they snap into the solar panels.  The wall panel has room for 1 battery and the panel rack has room for 2.  Enjoy!   -RGardin

Original Mod Description:

This mod includes Solar Panel Generators for settlements. Quiet, Clean, Renewable energy for the masses.

It includes a Solar Wall Panel that provides 3 power. (ver 1.2a)
It also radiates wireless power like a vanilla power conduit.

Also includes a Solar Panel Rack that provides 5 power. (ver 1.2a)
It can be placed on a roof or on the ground, provides wireless power to the
surrounding area like a vanilla power conduit.

They require Science 2 perk and are heavy on the copper and plastic. (ver 1.2a)
Meant to be expensive and low power because that's the price of silence,
and while previous games established that solar power exists in the
universe. Fusion power being predominant and cheap in the past curbed
societies interest in developing the technology much before the apocalypse.