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Repairs the projector in starlight drive in to play movies of the old west and creatures from the deep!

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EDIT: I have just reuploaded the files,hope it works. Some have had problems with the creatures file, I ve decided to delete the files (as they were meaningless for some). They Will be reuploaded today within the next couple hours. If you cant wait go to my other mod Starlight Delight Where you can find a Projector version that includes the Creatures File.

What is this?
Starlight cinema is a mod that works to repair the projector at starlight drive in. The projector plays one of two movies "The Creatures from the Deep!" or "Tales from the Old West". This mod origanated from my previous mod Starlight Delight: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15441/?

Install how you would any other mod w/ nmm or manually drag and drop to your fallout 4 directory. This mod does require Far Harbor.

Bugs Or Suggestions
Any bugs you find or suggestions you have for my mod please report them to the posts section.