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Snappable kitchen parts with containers, usable stove for cooking and sink for drinking water.

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  • German
For issues or permission to use this material, please contact Damanding instead of Evanpox (retired).

XB1 port is live now under CrayonKit (DAmanding's account on

Build kitchens in your settlements with ease, using the Modular Kitchen! Parts snap together for ease of use, and come in thirteen* matching colour schemes to blend in or stand out from your settlement as you please. Contained in a custom workshop menu for your convenience!

* the fridge and stove have fourteen colour options

I cannot recommend the use of Place Everywhere highly enough!
You'll get a billion percent more out of your game (and this mod).

Usable, fully-functional, working kitchen stove. Do your cooking in the kitchen, like a civilized wastelander.
Matching refrigerator for storing food (or whatever, I'm not your mum). It's an unrestricted container, so you can put anything in it-- not just food.
Sinks with running water. Restore health in a hurry with drinking water direct from the sink!
-- Optional resource version also provides 5 water for your settlement.
The main kitchen set-up. As seen in your pre-war house-- with spaces for you to snap in a sink, stove and fridge of your choice.
Three additional counters. These will snap to each other, to themselves, and to the main kitchen piece. They're also containers. One of them has a snap point for a sink!
Three upper cabinets. These will snap to each other, to themselves, to the walls, and to the main kitchen piece. They're containers too!
A cabinet platform. In case you want to have your fridge or stove separate to the kitchen, but want to keep with the aesthetic. They'll snap to the other pieces.
A sink filler. In case you decide that sink hole would be better served as counter space.
Some kitchen-themed accessories. There's cookware that snaps to the stove burners and general clutter.

Best of all-- all of the windowed parts of the cabinets are Do It Yourshelf compatible! You can fill your shelves as you see fit!

All items are located in the Modular Kitchen menu under Furniture.

Main kitchen piece: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Counters > Prefabs
Kitchen counters without sink holes: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Counters > Cabinets (No Sinks)
Kitchen counters with sink holes: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Counters > Cabinets (With Sinks)
Cabinet platforms and sink fillers: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Counters > Bases and Sinkfillers
Refrigerators: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Fridges
Empty sinks and sinks with dishes: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Sinks
Stoves: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Stoves
Upper cabinets: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Upper Cabinets
Kitchen-themed accessories: Furniture > Modular Kitchen > Accessories

Download, install, activate, play.

Manual installation:
If you don't know how to do a manual installation, you probably shouldn't (though that has never stopped me before). Extract the .7z file  and add the esp and 2 ba2 files to your Data directory.

Uninstallation (not recommended):

Now made simple thanks to Settlement Menu Manager, no more unistall chem needed!

Updating to new version: Uninstallation song-and-dance is unnecessary if you're just updating. Shut down the game, delete the old file from your mods, install the new file, and start the game. As long as you don't run the game between deleting the old version and adding the new version, you won't have any trouble.

Changing from "regular" to "no perks" or vice-versa: You will need to completely uninstall the version you are currently using before using the new version. Be sure to empty ALL containers before uninstallation or you will lose EVERYTHING in them. You will need to rebuild with the new version you've installed.

Full integration with Do It Yourshelf. Should be fine with other mods that don't edit the vanilla Furniture menu. Potential conflicts with other mods that do edit the vanilla Furniture menu (I've not had any trouble with the ones I use). Anything that changes the texture of the kitchen cabinets will affect parts of this mod.

Installing both "regular" and "no perks" versions of the mod causes clusterfucks. You've been warned. INSTALL ONE VERSION ONLY.

Some of the DIY clutter doesn't fit very well.

Cooling functionality will be in a future update


Модульная кухня - Russian translation by Vasabi90. Uploaded at with permission and thanks.

Bethesda for the game assets & Creation Kit
Nifskope team
FO4Edit team
dinozaurz for the encouragement and inspiration and for listening to me rant and rave and checking my script and teaching me how to do stuff AND making a back for the kitchen prefab (you're my hero and I love you forever)
Steve40 for fixing the sink snapping problems. And the collision problems. And the being-too-n00b-at-modeling problems (and for being 1200% awesome all the time always)

Version 1.0 DAmanding took over, check the changelog tab.
Version 0.5a:

Accessories menu added back after accidental deletion
Version 0.5:
Cabinet platforms now face the right way
Counters submenu now further split into prefabs/sinks/no sinks/extras submenus
Items now sorted by colour within build menu
Version 0.4:
Prefab kitchen collision fixed (BYE-BYE ZONE OF IRRITABILITY)
New counter pieces
Raw meat plate to catch meat from cooking stove animation
Sink filler piece to turn prefab sink-hole into normal benchtop
Snapping fixed for cookbook
Version 0.3:
Prefab kitchen and cabinets now have solid backs
Added counter piece with sink-hole
EIGHT new colours
Two new accessories
Version 0.2a:
ACTUALLY fixed the materials for the coffee cups with milky coffee
Version 0.2:
Fixed counter placement issues
Fixed sink snapping issues
Added sinks as settlement resource (5 water)
Changed menu art transforms to be consistently-sized
Provided missing materials file for coffee cups with milky coffee
Version 0.1:
Initial release